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  1. Hi! I'm new to the forums, so first of all I'd like to thank everyone of you guys - this place is an incredibly valuable database of knowledge, tips, tweaks and so on. And now for the serious matter. I've recently bought the BenQ E72 handset from eXpansys, I was growing tired of my Nokia N73 and would like to try a WinMo-operated phone. The BenQ looked as if it would fulfill my expectations, but to my regret I haven't got around to playing with it so much yet. Since I live in Denmark, I'd like to be able to write text messages with danish T9 dictionary, but so far I've failed to install it. As you might already have guessed, since this is my first WinMo-device, I'm fairly new to the system and how it works. I've found out, however, that I need to do a couple of things that should make the new dictionary work: App-unlock the phone (was done using two .CAB-files supplied elsewhere on the forums) Modify the following registry keys (in my case, it was done in CeRegEd - am I better off with another editor?):In \HKLM\T9 Input Method\LDBs -> Add new string type item with name "0406" (LCID for danish) and value "\windows\T9DanishLdb.dll" In \HKLM\T9 Input Method\MUI\Languages -> Edit item "Available" to contain the newly-added language, thus changing the string from 0409,0419,041f,040a,0415 to 0406,0409,0419,041f,040a,0415 In \HKLM\T9 Input Method -> Change "Current LDB" and "Default Alpha LDB" to "0406" [*]Copy the files T9DanishLdb.dll and T9ImeRes.dll.0406.mui to the \windows\-directory of the device.* [*]Reboot device After this procedure, I can select T9 Danish when I press and hold the asterisk key while in text messaging mode, but when I try to enter words, I only get beep sounds and no words. I tried opening the T9MyWords-application that comes with the device to see if I could manually add words (not an option, really, if it is avoidable), but got the same beeps. I then selected the T9 English dictionary, and was able to write messages and add words with the T9MyWords program. Now, did I do something wrong in my installation process? I hope I can get the danish dictionary without having to type every single word into the phone memory by using the T9MyWords program. *These files were in my case obtained by initially installing a .CAB-file containing said files on the device, copy them to my PC and then hard reset the handset (the .CAB corrupted the text messaging system). This was done before the process described in the bullet points.

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