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  1. i did not have the desire, but I hope that you find this helpful. Despite all the "benchmarks mean nothing" comments the Sensation is last in almost every review you will watch on youtube or on the major internet review sites. it is NOT by accident that Galaxy 2 owners are in love with the speed and it gets great reviews for being over 3000 when quadrant. The same holds true with the LG GX2. It has problems, but everyone raves about the speed. That IS NOT the case with the Sensation. One one had people say that they love the phone and that it is fast "enough" but in the next sentence they can't wait for the root so that it can be opened up and reach its potential...? Hmmm..I like the phone a lot. I am not enamored with it. If you want great standby time, a great camera, good movie playback, a sturdy feeling build and very good download speed then by all means get the Sensation. It is a good phone. Conversely, if you are looking for a game-changer phone or a phone that makes you say: "Hey, you gotta get this phone because..." this, in "MY" opinion, is not that phone. Why? Despite what you may read, there is a lag or an average feel to the speed of the processes. Just on physical comparison alone, I took my Sensation into a Sprint store. I played with the Sense UI on both phones. i CLEARLY saw a difference is speed and sensitivity in the EVO 3D compared to the Sensation. I also saw a delay in the way the app screens popped up when I wanted to add widgets to the home screens. I could see it in the flesh. Also, the speaker is horrid. Absolutely abysmal in playing music and movies. There are volume apps you can buy, but for a multimedia phone I am severely disappointed in HTC's effort. The front facing camera is too dark and looks like it was one of the last features htc worked on before they boxed up the product. Then there is no kickstand to prop up the phone so you can take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the phone. smh. There are more things, outside the specs and other observations I made that don't involve the build of the phone. Exterior annoyances like defective cases, screen protectors (sold at the t-mobile store) that don't stick because of the curvature of the glass screen and a paltry offering of accessories, but your experience my be totally different than mine. I have read some people have zero problems and then there are some that are on their 3rd phone. It is really up to you during your trial window to put it through its paces. I kept mine knowing the good and the bad. Decisions my friend...
  2. i would really like to know the answers to these questions if possible: 1. Why is the front facing camera so horrible on this phone as compared to other phones? 2. Why is the volume on the speaker so bad and not comparable to the NON-flagship dolby equipped Equipped Thunderbolt? 3. Why does the RAM and Internal storage pale in comparison to the EVO 3D? 4. Why is there no kickstand on this multimedia phone? Thank you in advance.
  3. I wish people would actually read the posts they are responding to. A lot of feelings and smugness would be eliminated. I mentioned that landscape is lacking because, out of the box, the Omnia was great. You did not need to "find" a tweak or search a board or take 5 seconds to 5 minutes to "add" a program. It was a nice out-of-the-box feature. UNLIKE the hd2. This is not human error. It is a feature that does not natively exhist. Again, something a person might want to know as they consider buying the hd2.
  4. I waited for the HD2 becasue I was not impressed with the new Omnia II or the phones Verizon was giong to put out. I jumped ship to T-mo and the HD2. I am going to tell you my pros and cons. Obvious Cons: 1. Landscape mode is not a given for all programs. I REALLY miss the Omnia being able to flip the screen in any direction. The HD2 is lacking. 2. There is no cc: or bcc;: in your mms messages. 3. I miss using the stylus - a lot. I knew the screen was capacitive from the start. But there are capacitive stylus availible - they don't work. HTC makes one and I am waiting to get it in the mail. SWYPE is my keyboard of choice, but there are no directional buttons for you to easily jump in a message and make a correction. It is irritating. 4. no tv-out 5. VERY glitchy (for me at least). Too many freezes. I did not expect this out of such a powerful device. never had these problems with the Omnia. 6. Not enough usefull buttons to assign tasks to. Not so obvious Cons: 1. This LEO forum only has three pages. I hve no idea if it is due t T-mobile not having as many clients as Verizon or people not knowing that this site is here, but the Omnia, starting off had a heap of posters and pages full of useful information. Don't get me wrong, there are people willing to help here, but to piece together your answers you are gong to have to use a multitude of sites to get what your looking for. 2. T-mobile version is different in size than the europe version SO you have to be careful in ordering acessories. The Good: 1. Screen - epic. 2. Picture manipulation/zooming - wow. 3. Camera - The best pics I have ever seen from phone (outside in natural light especially). 4. Good speaker. 5. More memory than you can shake a stick at. 6. Decent battery life. Overall, I would not suggest this phone to anyone who expected a smooth transition from the Omnia. But that is just me. i have not given up on the hd2. I just expected a little more from seeing the specs and from htc.
  5. Thanks for the reply. With regards to your point 4. Which one is it exactly? there seem to be several options. The time on top the battery. The battery and the clock next to each other. The task manager button and the clock? I just don't see the options clearly defined (but I wear glasses, so...).
  6. The hate is strong within you my friend. Ha. Seriously, I understand your sentiments. I never even thought about the iPhone stylus until this thread. Like I wrote, I ordered mine already. It can't get here soon enough.
  7. Thanks on point 2. I was putting the files into the "Rings" folder with the rest of the music. Great. Point 5 fix was a charm as well. Thanks.
  8. Just got this two days ago and today is the first day I have actually had a moment to kick the tires. If anyone knows the answers to these things I would be greatly appreciatve of your help. 1. Landscape MMS reading? Is there a way to make your MMS reply's open up in Portait instead of landscape? Though it is nice to have all that real estate to read them in it is not cool having to flip the phone every 2 minutes. 2. Importing your on sounds for notifications I have used Resco File explorer and the default explororer on the HD2 to cut and past sounds I want to hear as alerts. the HD2 ill not recognize them. does anyone knw how to get this thing to list cut and pasted music in the Windows>Ring file? 3. SWYPE keyboard configuration I have been usig the hacked version of Swype taken from the Omnia 2. When I changed to the numbers option the top row was the traditiona 1234567 etc. Now o the HD2 te numbers are not on one row, but broken up - inthe middle of the keyboard - into three rows. It is a bit annoying. Is there another skin/cab floating around that I can use to get the old format back? 4. Time not shown How can I get the traditiaonal clock to show in the top right hand corner of the device next to the battery? 5. Limiting the number of e-mails you retrieve. I set up my yahoo e-mail account. It tried to download 3,000 e-mails (from going back to when I first started the account 2 years ago :P ). I don't see the option to select a week, a day, two weeks etc. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.
  9. My T-Mobile deal: $199/Buy one get one free smart phone offer + differed payments over 4 billing periods making total out of pocket cost at the time of signing for 2 HD2's and a 3rd family line = $112 SWEET! :) ;)
  10. Just switched to the HD2 form the Omnia. I am realllllly missing the optical mouse and the ability to you a pencil to tap the screen. I just purchased the HTC stylus. hope it gets here soon.
  11. Well, if true, that still - unfortunately - aid those of us who are still using this ROM and have not moved on yet. But you could be correct. Stranger things have happened.
  12. it's really not a matter of gimmick apps vs serious apps. It a matter of convenience and availability. I don't hate the iPhone. I see how it would be nice to NOT have to photo shop your own icons :) , have major businesses create apps specifically for my phone for easy shopping and have all the apps stored in one central location. you would have to be blind (and stubborn) to overlook the value in this. Windows is behind - period. I have had a winMo phone since forever. I plan on getting the HTC HD2, but I am not going to sit here and say the metro app and other apps I have seen would not have been nice to get the first day I got my phone. Windows really needs to step it up - a lot, but I am not leaving for the iPhone.
  13. i have looked myself. I have just settled with the stock DR. DoT RSS reader. The bad thing is that in later windows builds the functionality changes (as far as menu button options working). It does what it is designed to do. I just wish I could schedule updates so I don't have to wait and download information manually.
  14. I am having a minor problem. I sent a program to the start page. When I press on it from the start page it works great. When I add it the the launcher speed dial, on the home screen, it will fail. The file that I have it linked to is a sub folder on my storage card. Anyone know how to stop this from happening?
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