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  1. As of me writing this, Expansys UK has 21 in stock and i'm hoping mine will arrive into Sydney within a week. http://www.expansys.com/htc-7-pro-207989/ I have seen a couple of bad user reviews on xda etc however nothing on this site as yet. I will still have my TP2 for TomTom and as a backup if the 7P becomes unbearable to use. Has anoyone else got one or planning to? Cheers, Chris
  2. puckster

    Time please, gentlemen

    What ROM version are you using? Its possible that this could be a feature added in the new AKU ROM's such as the recent i-mate and qtek releases as now i come to think of it, i may have only seen posts regarding it after I upgraded my ROM.
  3. puckster

    Time please, gentlemen

    I confirm i have the exact key (and am using it on my K-JAM) that Jimax mentioned above and from reading forums over at xda-dev's.com and elsewhere it should apply to all PPC's. (or at least the WM5 PPC's) Cheers, Chris
  4. I'm currently using the recently updated v3.1 of SPB PocketPlus which runs great on my k-jam. Ever since the 3.04 update that was released around Oct 05 i havent had a single problem with the app. v3.04 was the 1st version that "officially" supported WM5 with SPB's safe mode however some users still reported the safe mode compatibility issues with this version. I think i did see one or two people having problems with v3.1 (either here or XDA Devs) but most people report its working fine. Cheers, Chris
  5. I have a K-JAM and there is one setting here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\OEM\KEYBD] "PieHomePage"="www.clubimate.com" Edit: and theres one more i forgot which is more likely as its a local web page: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs] "home"="file://\\windows\\default.htm" I don't know if it will be the same for T-Mobile, but its worth a look i guess. Cheers Chris
  6. Mono... I have a Bluetake iPhono Mini which supports both A2DP & AVCRP. When i pair this with my PC i am able to use any of the stereo functions. However when i pair with the K-JAM w/ AKU2 ROM, the only available service it is able to locate and pair with is the Hands Free profile which has always been there. I'm not a happy camper :x Chris
  7. Considering Microsoft reportedly released the AKU2 updates to OEM's back in November last year and i-mate has released this in March, i would hardly call it rushed LOL. I'm pretty pi$$ed off that the A2DP wasnt included :x as i wanted it more than push email. Chris
  8. puckster

    Encoding Video For Vario

    Agreed, with the Pocket DIVX Encoder & TCPMP combo, you dont need anything else... Its all i use and i have a good collection of movies & tv shows on my 1GB MiniSD. Cheers Chris
  9. puckster

    spb weather

    Are you still using the version 1.1.1 that is available from the spb website? I used to have this problem until i upgraded to beta v1.5 and now the spb weather text on today screen changes to the colour that is included in the colour scheme for the current theme. EDIT: HERE is the link to the page that has the download for v1.5 of spb weather. Cheers, Chris
  10. puckster


    I can't say whether cingular will integrate this into their ROM update though i can tell you that AKU 2.0 includes MSFP and the A2DP (Stereo) bluetooth profile (as well as other bluetooth profiles and improvements). Apparently Microsoft has released this to OEM's in Nov 2005 with a view to them releasing it as ROM update sometime in Q1 2006. As most of the OEM's do use the most recent updates we'll just have to wait and see if OEM's choose to include all the available updates. Cheers Chris
  11. Check out the post HERE at xda developers. KJK has posted Start.CAB which remaps the Calendar soft-key to the start menu. I had to reset my k-jam before it would work and as this is added to remove programs it looks like it should be easy to remove as well. Cheers, Chris EDIT: why have my links to xda developers been changed to badlink? Are we no nonger allowed to post links to their website? Seems a bit strange to me..... As i cannot post the link look for a post called "Start button without using Stylus?" in the Wizard forum on the aforementioned site.
  12. puckster

    MSN Messenger through Bluetooth

    Once i had setup the Bluetooth ActiveSync so I could sync emails etc all other functionality (Web, MSN etc) worked as well. Does MSN work over GPRS when you are not connected to the PC? Chris
  13. Yes, i have had ActiveSync working with Blue Soleil (BS) although i did a hard reset yesterday and havent reset it up so cant give you the exact config. Basically, i needed to fiddle around with the COM port assignments in Windows device manager as when i created a new port in bluetooth config i couldnt get activesync to use that port as there was only 3 or so in the list. When i reset it up later, i'll put together a quick step by step which i'm sure a few other users will find useful. NOTE: I have successfully used a blue soleil device with the default Windows XP (SP2) drivers. It worked the same as with the BS software however it was a lot easier to setup. Chris
  14. I count 8........ i-mate K-JAM Q-Tek 9100 Orange M3000 T-Mobile MDA Vario O2 XDA Mini S Vodafone VPA Compact II Dopod 838 Sprint PPC 6700 (CDMA with antenna) I havea feeling i may have missed one though :?:
  15. I stupidly installed MS Global Contact Access (GCA) for PPC on my K-JAM to see if it would work (which it did) but it has caused other problems so i had to uninstall it. This is probably due to MS still not releasing a WM5 compatible version of GCA. Now, when i open the messaging app and select "MMS Configuration" from the menu instead of the MMS Configuration screen it opens a New Meeting request. Would anyone know how i can get my MMS config back without a hard reset? Is the setup for MMS in one of the cabs in the extended ROM or is it built into the main System ROM Any suggestions? Thanks Chris

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