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  1. In fact, the emulator freezes the phone. Nothing more to do then but press the red button during 5 or 6 seconds, then restart the phone... Too bad, because PocketSnes is one of my favourite app... :D
  2. great improvments, yep! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!.... ... however.... ...PocketSnes still doesn't work, even if I sign the exe file and remove all gx.dll and gxold.dll and gxdma.dll... :D( "Help me ObiWan Kenobi! You're our only hope!"
  3. same here: CE Version : R42g CSL MicroP VErsion: R16 RF Firmware Veersion: R4.0.4.MBE43036-01 P2 (MMS menus in english... :D/ )
  4. phone checked, I probably have a HK version of the phone (MMS menus in english... :D)... Bought from x1387 (Ebay).
  5. Still doesn't work for me (by putting the gxdma.dll file on apps directory...). Phone freezes...
  6. with updated GAPI2GDI: - SPVMan now works perfectly! - Picodrive doesn't work anymore - PocketSNES laucnhes but freezes the phone when a rom is loaded - XRally Alpha works (but the game sucks! :D) I'm gonna try to put the dll files directly on directory.. Stay tuned...
  7. now using the source gx.gll and gxold.dll: - SPVMan starts but black screen (sound ok) - Picodrive works (but some glitches when switching between screen orientations) (no sound)
  8. Installed GAPI2GDI wrapper: - XRAlly Alpha doesn't work (freezes the phone) - SPVMan doesn't work (back to Start Menu) - Xtris doesn't work - Picodrive doesn't work... :D
  9. "Hope...? What is this... hope...?" Agent Smith I'm not sure someday we'll have an official patch from Mitac.... :D
  10. http://www.mobile.my-life.net/topicdetail....p?f=169&t=17477 I started a thread... We'll see if someone out there can help us! :D
  11. http://www.worldlingo.com/wl/translate?wl_...185%26t%3D10505 Please wait a few seconds until the translation's over... I didn't understand all the text (translation is sometimes crappy), but it seems that the Chinese 8390'owners have succeeded in playing videofiles with Pocket TV... or not?
  12. ... all in traditional chinese... :shock: http://www.mobile.my-life.net/forum.php but you can use http://www.worldlingo.com/products_service...translator.html to translate Chinese (traditional) into English... :D I'm looking for some posts that might help about the GAPI thing... The traduction is quite good! :D
  13. thanks for the 699 thing, i'll do that tomorrow or monday i hope! :D Too bad I can't use emulators.... :shock:
  14. I just read somewhere and saw pics of 8390 MMS menus in English... Is there 2 or more versions of the 8390? (chinese, HK,... ?) So, here's my questions: 1- Where can I buy a "Chinese-free MMS menu" 8390? :D 2- Do all the 8390 have GAPI broken? 3- Solution to make games and emulators working (if GAPI broken)? 4- Is it possible to take GAPI files from another similar phone to make it working for the 8390? THANK YOU! P.S: I just ordered a Mio8390 from x1387 (Ebay)
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