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  1. siedkins

    Mastering Tasker - 3: Using external plugins

    Hi Paul, Might be useful for other's using your password plug-in. I used a Pattern for my lockscreen and neither of the Apps by Willem Stoker worked for me. I found the following app that was free and worked a treat: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intangibleobject.securesettings.plugin Note you need root but I'm guessing quite a few of Android users who are messing with Tasker might be rooted. Also I've been doing some reading and it's suggested to have two profiles for being "in" and "out" of home (with out being set as not on home wifi state). This is to avoid the situation where - wifi enabled at home hence password is disabled, phone turned off and phone leaves home, then turn phone on and the password is still disabled because the "exit" task is never triggered.
  2. siedkins

    Got NFC? What are you doing with it?

    I'd like to resurrect this thread given I've just got some NFC Tags and also because Paul and others (AOKP incl) have managed to fix NFC with Screen Off so this opens up the possibilities again. As I mentioned to Paul on Twitter I'm keen to see what we can do with some tasker integration. I'm thinking that using a tag to switch to home use would be easier than using location and save on battery in the first place.
  3. MultiUser support via kitchen only please I definitely use my phone differently to how I use my Tablet as it is very rare that I give my phone to anyone else and even then it would most likely be my wife rather than someone who I was worried about them looking through it. Can I ask if there will be any downsides? I have some apps which weren't too happy with the move to 4.2 but I take it that adding MultiUser functionality won't break anything any further? I.e. if it works in 4.2 then the app will work with MultiUser?
  4. OK - I'll try unchecking them all and re-checking
  5. The order of my icons is quite different to the order in the App for some of them.
  6. All seems to be working so far here. I've tried adding and removing them and it seems to be working. Anything to specifically check?
  7. Sounds good! I'm looking forward to integrating these mods
  8. I can't seem to see any free music on there - contrary to the line in the Google Play Music Store "... add to your collection, including free tracks from the biggest names ...."
  9. Feature request - number of tweets to download (including in lists) One of the reasons I switched to TweetLanes was because it would download all tweets between the last time I synced and now. I use Lists extensively and ideally I'd like to download all messages in my lists since I last synced so that I can read them all. TweakDeck currently downloads more messages in the main feed compared to lists but at the moment that is still leaving me with a time gap. Would there be any way to increase the number of tweets downloaded in lists or follow the functionality of TweetLanes and download them all? I wish Twitter hadn't changed their rules for clients ....
  10. Just flashed JR8 I couldn't find Developer Options in 4.2 but a quick Google and here it is. Just in case anyone else wants it. http://rootzwiki.com...e-to-look-r1240 P.S. I just flashed with "Menu button on both sides" and I seem to have gotten the Search button as well. Can you check it out in the kitchen?
  11. I'm excited about the prospect of 4.2 soon ..... Once we can "borrow" Paul away from Nexus 4, 7,10 buying: https://twitter.com/PaulOBrien/status/268267522929860608
  12. Just reading through the comments sections of Android Blogs that have posted these - lots of people saying Launcher crashes. One person has said to only use it on a deodexed ROM and also people saying it doesn't work on CM10 / AOKP. Hmmmmm
  13. Any chance of including the new Google Apps, Wallet and Camera in the kitchen as an optional Bake?
  14. Thanks - I also just saw on Engadget that there is "increased notifications functionality – now, you can expand notifications with a single touch. There are of course some some bug fixes included in the update, but we’re not getting any specifics as far as bug and stability fixes go." I look forward to taking it for a spin in the coming days.
  15. Short of enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that we will be on the latest Android version does anyone have any more detail on the change log of: That being said - I'm still excited about upgrading!

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