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  1. Quote from cjward on XDA Developers Petition for official Ice Cream Sandwich for our Desire Zs!
  2. On Ubuntu in LiveCD, I don't experience this. My phone, in Android, justs go into sleep mode.
  3. Yay! Froyo is working, thanks Mrozek and Sinistersky, worked after a last desperate attempt! Market is working for me so is the SD card. Thanks again! Turned out I have a corrupt file, so I re downloaded everything and reinstalled Beta3 followed by the drivers.
  4. Thanks for your encouragement, I use the terminal, using LiveCD in Ubuntu.
  5. OK will try, thanks! EDIT: Damn, still don't work! Thanks anyway...
  6. Ok, thanks, trying now.. Edit: Still doesn't work, I'm using My Storage manual installation, any help? Thanks!
  7. Hmm... stuck at request_suspend, despite using new 3D driver
  8. Sorry guys for the lateness of my replies! I have revised my equally bad post and will upload a newer All-In-One package today!
  9. Beta 2 on ext3 has this prob, but i know there is a fix, im lazy to install it.
  10. Sounds like a format error.. Maybe you could try reformatting your phone?
  11. Sorry guys, quite busy lately.. Im not too sure about installing in ext4, but i do know that u need a new zImage. Will update the package's 3d drivers from feedback.
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