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  1. My xolo x900 coma. :angry2: cannot continue to figure out how to port JB to x900 anymore after the sudden died of my x900. This incident happen after over night charging using my nokia N9 charger, the unit still function after unplug the power. After an hours later it getting hot & hot for 2hrs without screen. Due to battery build-in I not able to unplug the battery to prevent it continue getting hot. I also try to hold a press the power button seems like no function.. now ... still laying there without function.. dismentle the battery found no voltage even plug in the external power and measure the pins out on phone battery holder. Any idea to get the motherboard for replacement, mine already out of warranty. :wacko:
  2. I think razr i and K800 are more compatible with x900, if really looking for 3rd party kernel, those 2 would be consider 1st not A800. :)
  3. are you able to adb shell login to your phone ? If yes try to flash to boot.img
  4. This is just for whom already OTA with 37MB previously and want to get back to root. If you already rooted dont take the risk. Btw the risk just < 50% :P . Bottom line you dont screw out the bootloader you are safe. Besides the bootloader is locked hence you cant do anything.
  5. I doubt so, coz we need driver & kernel, anyway no harm to try as long as not screw up the bootloader the unit can continue flash until the flash memory die. :D
  6. Ok.. Finally I break it . TAKE YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! Step 1 - As usual you either get the HDMI TV or VNC server @ http://www.modaco.co...om/page__st__40 Step 2 - Downgrade back to ICS update.zip which is 299MB file size. Once you downgraded you need Step 1 to entering the phone desktop in order to continue next step. Step 3 - Root back the unit as usual using AIO or any root kit from this site. * Confirm you rooted before continue next step by checking the "su" sitting in /system/bin & backup it to /system/anynamasyouwant & check the permission as below -rwsr-sr-x root root Step 4 - This is image that I already patch using 37MB update.zip. Where you need it to get back the phone desktop to business as usual. https://dl.dropboxus...18135/image.zip Extract to you PC and upload to /data/local/tmp CheckSum for both images. 847e8fb7055be213c03bf4d68172d873 fastboot.img 225b5de188887ddd505a8d1e73eb13a8 boot.img Step 5 - You need flashtool, where you can get from AIO tool. Just upload to same folder with those images. Change the flashtool permission to 655 for execute. Step 6 - * adb shell you should get the root shell "#", if not go back to Step 3. Flash the boot image [email protected]:/data/local/tmp # ./flashtool -i boot -w boot.img flashing 'boot.img' to 'boot' osip[0] Writing 6437376 byte image to osip[0] slot 0 used by osip 2 Once DONE, reboot. You should get back you phone as normal. Update June 4: just flash the boot.img should get back your screen. :)
  7. I'm using ubuntu too, just wonder what is your problem here? Your android version ? You want to upgrade to what ? Have you run OTA before ?
  8. It doesnt work. I might think to try the other way round which I think might work as below. But need to get the 2nd phone to prepare, scare permanent brick. :wacko: 1st - restore with xolo update.zip (where you get the colourful screen, where need HDMI TV to continue below step) ^_^ 2nd - then root it 3rd - after rooted, follow the step revert to orange GB and continue update with orange ICS update.zip. Just query whether can get back normal screen after that.. :rolleyes:
  9. Step to get it work without HDMI TV. 1st - get the vnc server for android HERE https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41618135/com.vmlite.vncserver-104-v1.0.4.apk 2nd - adb install vnc..blabla..apk 3rd - start the vnc server gui via this adb shell "am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.vmlite.vncserver/.MainActivity" 4th - start the vnc server adb shell /data/data/com.vmlite.vncserver/files/vmlitevncserver& wait til you see something like "Listening for HTTP connections on TCP port 5801" (if not just repeat step 4) then adb forward tcp:5801 tcp:5801 adb forward tcp:5901 tcp:5901 Finally open your browser enter this localhost:5801 You should see Welcome to VNC Viewer the click on the Java version (make sure you hv java install on your PC) when asking for password just put 1234 then click ok. Now you should see you phone desktop and able for you to perform the update without HDMI TV. Once you running update just let it be for 5mins you should back to normal again. (If with HDMI you should able to see the upgrading process in fastboot mode) To stop the vnc server adb shell "/data/data/com.vmlite.vncserver/files/vmlitevncserver --stop PS ... still looking the way to get back to root for 37mb OTA update.. :angry:
  10. Downgrade does not work on 37mb patch updated for me so far.. :(
  11. it work. Means after you downgraded using 299MB xolo update.zip, when u just get the blue/red colour screen you can using vnc to access besides hdmi. via vnc I able to see the screen and apply 37MB OTA to get back the normal screen.
  12. if without HDMI, can we use vnc with vmliteserver ? No too sure when screen offset whether the vnc act the same or it should able to display the actual resolution ?
  13. I guess after 37mb updated, that's noway to downgrade. Just sit and wait for JB. Hopefully ../\..
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