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  1. can someone tell me where to find the id and key? cant seem to find it on the samsung site anywhere. thanks.
  2. me too. i have internet and text messaging, but no mms. i cant seem to get it to work. none of the network options that im familiar with in 6.1 are in 6.5. tried using the reamers ics cab file but all regestry entries were already set to zero. i love the rom but it still has some bugs to be worked out.
  3. Any word on what else was fixed or adjusted in the newest rom?
  4. rom works excellent. internet and gps work flawlessly. just the clock being 7 miniutes slow and the 1 not showing its a damn good rom!
  5. Yeah, it's not needed to startup your gps. Whenever I use garmin xt, it always launches the gps.It just turns itself on when the correct application is going to use it. It took me a while to get it to work. I changed something in the windows gpstest and it made the difference. Now I lock on at least 6 satellites mostly 8 though. I use the garmin alot and it works well if you have a unlimited data plan. But the data plan is not neccessary for the gps to work nor garmin. I use it to find out what is in the area when I travel, lodging food gas ect. But the gps works great.
  6. I wonder if it is possible to utilize part of the sd card you use for storage and somehow allocate some of it to be used as system ram? It almost seems like it could be possible. I have a 32 gig card in my blackjack 2 and all is running fine. The phone reconised it. Just a possibility.
  7. make sure the gps setting in the gps test program in windows mobile is set to ms based. also make sure the com changes match and the baud is set to 192400
  8. for some reason the gps when using garmin constantly loses the gps signal. maybe because the weather here in pennsylvania has been rainy and foggy. plus I just bought a 16 gig micro sd card so I have to install garmin over again. because the card is tagged to the original installation.
  9. installed garmin xt 5.0 and everything works like a charm. I wonder if I set it to stand alone if it will still work. but everything is running smooth as of now.
  10. finally got it to work. I just used the ms based gps settings changed the one setting from stand alone to ms based and the gps lit up like christmas. I will now finally put garmin xt back on and all should be good.
  11. Has anyone heard anything recent of the windows mobile 6.5 release? just wondering because i am tired of 6.1. :rolleyes:
  12. yeah, i knew about the 3 screens but it just shows the yellow dot and keeps hanging. i guess ill just turn it on and let it sit outside just to see if it gets a lock. i tried google maps and it said no gps reciever found. i guess that means it has to lock on before it works. before this i would pull google maps up with no problems. i figure it was already set for google maps and the telenav. so the cab actually fixes it to be used with other apps.once the gps is on, will it stay on or does it close out when you are done with it?
  13. yeah, i have the same problem. i also posted in the forum but am waiting for an answer for this problem also. im stuck just like you guys. :rolleyes:
  14. i installed the modaco tweak pack for my bj2 and am trying to test it but it seems to hang at gps starting up. the funny thing is i have a 1D in the fix box in the upper right corner. does it take long or is it not working. any reply would be appreciated. thanks.
  15. quick question. with this pack when i use gps test 1.04 how long does it take to get my location. it says gps starting up.but i have a 1D in the fix box in the upper right corner.
  16. yes i am having the problems with it too. i have win mo 6.1 and i cant for the life of me get the hack to work. i have garmin mobile and cant seem to get the gps to turn on. i can use it in google maps but nothing else. please help!
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