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  1. allmost same problem over here (using hi (=kpn)) all the symptoms except for the mms one.. and Im not sure if its only after a voice call... apart from not being able to use data connection you might allso find you are unreachable by phone like me.. Have you had this too? I have not found a solution other than flight mode/reset and dont think kpn helpdesk is capable.. hope you will find a solution and will post it here.. Ive just learned to live with it.. but would love a solution.. kind regards, James van der Veen
  2. Mmmm I used to be living a .Net and so Microsoft programmers life...and this Debian server won't forgive me :) I'll try later.. Might have some luck with some help from friends, and hey I might learn some things :D Darn I was happy about this.. :D thanks! grtz Sjeems
  3. Wow that's what I would like to call good service :) Now lets hope our providers will do the same here in holland I we ask them for some info :D thanks paul, Im going to try it now! Will post results!! grtz, Sjeems
  4. Hey there Paul this sounds very nice.. Any hints on what to config in the configs.. I just could not figure it out just now.. Might be my fault and I'd better look in the morning or the docs arent clear... Erm and I was pointing at the GMail imap settings :D hope you can help :D grtz, Sjeems
  5. yup read it friday too.. but tought i wont post it cause it would only frustrate most of us... erm first edition of a book is better also :)
  6. Hey there Samawil, afaik there is no such thing as on the samrtphone to design your own HomeScreen. The things you can do is change the items that appear on your homescreen (by going to: Start => settings => Today and the Tab Items) and you can change the order in wich they appear. One the same Setting there is a tab Display (not sure about the exact name since my phone is in dutch :P Would have liked it better if it was just english)) and you can choose some predefined themes. And If tyou would like a custom background image. If I'm wrong about this please someone do correct me, I would love to know since I would love to change the way my homescreen looks :) Hope this helps. grtz, Sjeems
  7. Tnx Pondrew. I've nerer looked in the about of the bluetooth settings. And you were absolutely right about the bluetooth version :-) Oh about that thread and patch u were talking about. Could u tell me what and or how I could get and install? grtz, Sjeems
  8. Hi back with a little question again.. can anyone tell me where I can see what bluetooth version my rom has got? Cant find it under settings => Device informaton.. Hope u can help me once again :) grtz, Sjeems
  9. Tnx all for the quick and helpfull replys. I'm going to have a look into it and I'll let u know my findings.. Won't be a christmas present anymore though.. Might get it as a new years gift to myself if it turns out to work :) I'll let u all know, or if u hear someone that got it working please let me know :-) grtz, Sjeems
  10. tnx Monolithix for the quick reply :D erm and why wont it work? I ask this because I am looking for other devices that will do the same.. like this one Or is it just impossible? (u'll save me a lot of time with searching and going back to the store :) ) tnx in advance!
  11. Erm might be silly question.. I'm not realy into the bluetooth stuff.. would this work with the Qtek9090 (aka HTC Blue Angel / M2000 and some other names) :??: Cause this looks like a nice christmas / Sinterklaas gift to myself... Hope anyone can help me on this one or if it isnt compatible tell me what to get that would work with my ppc :) tnx in advance! grtz, Sjeems
  12. same as I did. Will pick up my new/fixed phone in an hour... Can't wait :P still curious what the cause is of this problem... But I probably won't find out as they usualy just send a new one back to the shop...
  13. Hi nope afraid not,.... Just back from a vacation... and I took the phone back to the strore the day before I left... I will pick it up tomorrow and I might hear what the problem was but they probably didn't look at it and just sent a new one to the shop.. Thanx for your reply and sorry I couldn't answer before but well I couldn't get online without my Mpx :P Greetz, James
  14. Hey everybody, I have/had this problem with my mpx200. and wonder if anyone has had this before. During a normal call the speaker (normal not the handsfree/external) doesn't give any sound. The people on the other side can hear me ok so it must be my speaker. Sometimes this happens during a call but other times it just starts off like this and sometimes it's just fine. It seems to help to give a little pressure on the left bottom side (having the flip opened and watching the external lcd) of the flip. Now the strange thing is that if I put the phone on handsfree (ext. speaker) mode everything seems to be working alright as is the earphone mode. I tried a hard reset and it seemed to help but the same problem reoccurred after a week. Could this be a software related problem or do you think this is a hardware (connector etc.) problem? I guess it's not software related because giving a bit of pressure on the flip doesn't sound like something software related. Well was wondering if someone had heard/seen this behavior before and might be able to tell me what the problem could be. Anyway, thanks in advance! (once it's ok again I hope to get the 2003 rom on :D thank you @nonymus)
  15. well mine "drank" half a beer during the match holland vs Sweden and it didnt have any problems downing it in one. (maby it gave the dutch the luck they needed) but now sometimes my phone doesnt give any sound through the speakerphone during an ordinary call. pressing the back of the flip seems to help and a hard reset gave me the idea of improvement. any ideas what the problem(apart from beer) could be? thanx in advance! Posted from my SmartPhone!
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