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  1. Hey Guys, People at Chevron Wp7 have found a way to deploy custom ringtones to WP7 The whole procedure can be found under the link below, I tested myself and it works fine. As far as I know there is no way to remove the custom ringtones, so some of you guys might rather wait Microsoft to deploy the Mango update by next year once it will enable the user to apply custom ringtones, those like me who cant wait have the benefit to use the app below. http://blog.walshie.me/2010/12/01/windows-...ngtones-anyone/ Check it out, cool!
  2. ну вот спасибо, все понятно ! Урраа получилось, но когда меняю на новую тему у меня дисплей черный с темными квадратами =(
  3. ладно, чувак ну... все же я решил не установить тему... слишком сложно. Я сперва подумал один .cab помогал бы ничего не понял о Wisbar, что сделать?
  4. спасибо за быстрый ответ малыш
  5. не работает для меня братыш поскажи где надо установить тему? кстати, спасибо, тема очень красивая выглядит
  6. Thanks! By the way, where can I get that keyboard skin working on 21298?
  7. Russian skin??? спаибооо From PUIE2? Nice and easy Hey I found sleep bug in 21298 :9 i was going for COM2 because it is nicer looking and more pro But I keep getting sleep bug, like the phone dies and i have to remove the battery to have it back, sooo sucking.
  8. wowwwwwww nice nice Will try both of the new roms today or tomorrow and will report you my feedback Thanks buddy you´re doing a great job!
  9. Hi. Do you have Microsoft like icons too share? These ones look too iPhony
  10. Hi dayspring... I´m so sorry for your loss... Please take my condolences... I hope you are doing fine so far you can... :)
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