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  1. What home screen is that? With the panels?
  2. Okay, thanks. :excl: Just got a little confused because I hadn't flashed, and I see the newest is actually older than the rom I have.
  3. Okay, I haven't been on in about a week because my computer died on me. Now I'm confused though. Is 21210 the newest rom, or 21500... I have 21500. Thanks! ~Wolf
  4. Android and Linux are 'maybe' possible. OSX... HAHA No chance. The closest you'll come to OSX are themes and front end UIs.
  5. Lykos

    Shotgun App

    *Ahmmm* Giving away your IMEI is stupid because he can track you, or render your phone useless. These idiots above are thinking IMSI. Which is even worst to give him! Don't give him that, and don't give him your MEID either. These two codes have your information inside them. They can be used to access your online accounts, IMSI can be put on another sims card thus making everything you receive go to him as well. Honestly, though. Are you seriously going to give him any code on your phone? Idiots. (o)|-|4/\/9 /|\ |O10>< / \
  6. Naw, what I was saying is that it didn't work when I tapped on it, and I tried multiple times. I'll do the shortcut thing when I wake up and get back to you.
  7. Hmm, Opera is missing... It might be a faulty flash, and I'll reflash later to see if that fixes it, but just in case I thought I'd tell you.
  8. I saw this application the other day but as I've updated my PC to the latest se7en build I've losted the link. It runs on your desktop and allows you to upload a rom to a virtual version of your phone to see how it runs, and (for rom builders) if its working. If anyone knows the software could they please tell me the name, or link me. Thanks! :excl:
  9. Looking forward to the new rom release, Shokka. I'll flash it right when it finishes uploading, or if I'm not up, right when I wake up.
  10. Lykos

    Shotgun App

    "...and that's the way the cookie crumbles."
  11. Lykos

    Android on i900?

    Smart Idea, I'll donate when I can, if I can.
  12. Nope, I don't think you get it. I know that its from a clean reinstall what I'm saying is that it requires me to reset twice before I can get to finishing the setup. Example: The rom starts up and bots after a flash. It gets to the 'Touch Here to Start' screen and I touch. I than wait the amount of time for it to launch the preconfiguration restart application. It does its little thing and tells me it requires a restart. I click okay, per usual, than it resets and I get back to where I was. I start going through the set up and right when I get close to the end of the setup phase it launches the preconfiguration restart tool AGAIN. After the second time it doesn't do it again, but I thought it was only suppose to do it once.
  13. Shokka, this probably isn't something that is your fault but I was wondering if you, or anyone, has been able to move icons down. When in the honeycomb menu I can only seem to move icons to the top without the option to move them down.
  14. M2D Album Art Fix Okay, so I was half correct. You need to make a folder inside your my storage called 'My Documents' than inside that folder make a folder called 'My Music'. After you have that folder created you move all your music to that folder. If you don't feel like going through that than you can easily embed your music files with the album art, thus making it show up when you play it on the M2D tab, or whatever player you use. I made a folder called 'My Photos' inside my storage, and placed all my photos there and they were found quickly. Hope that helps!

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