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  1. I guess there's a chance it could be the oc/uv kernel. I've tried to re-bake, wipe and re-install about 4 times now with different options selected each time to try to eliminate a potential culprit to no avail. The only constant has been the oc/uv kernel. I'll try one more time without it and see what happens. I give up if that doesn't do it...
  2. wiped data, cache, and dalvik 3 times before flashing modaco just to be sure... still stuck at the samsung boot screen. going to try another bake and see what happens. I'm curious if something I'm leaving out or adding to the bake is causing the issue. no custom additions on my part. just checking the appropriate boxes for the feature I'd like to include/exclude
  3. yeah. gsm galaxy nexus. tried a couple other custom roms from xda to see how that would go and they flash and work just fine. now ive restored back to stock and wiped again to give this another go. been on samsung boot screen for like 7-8 mins now
  4. tried wiping and re-installing kitchen rom. no luck... same issue. how long does it stay on the samsung boot screen usually. mine ran for about 30 mins with no cigar
  5. I'm having this same issue on first install. Just like Hap Hazard, I hoped to get away with not wiping based on it saying a wipe wasn't required in the OP. Any Ideas? BTW, I'm also coming from the stock ROM
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