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  1. I know it has been almost a year since you have this problem and you probably already has solved it by hard resetting. Anyway... Since I got here looking for the very same problem on my omnia and today I have solved by simply deleting the PocketFS.sys file on the root directory (don't worry, WinMo will recreate this file during the boot). After that, all items on my remove program list have been restored. I can install cab files once again, and I didn't tried the activesync, but I guess it will work as well... and I didn't had to hard reset my omnia! Good Luck for the other who has googled this problem :P
  2. Sorry mate, but I don't believe that any carrier from here will sell it overseas... You could have more luck trying to buy from our local ebay site (well.. here is mercado livre www.mercadolivre.com.br), but... once again... I doubt that any one would send this phone anywhere outside Brazil. Other than that, you must take in account that all electronics here are very expensive... at least is twice the price from US. Anyway.. good luck mate...
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