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  1. It was a really hard choice for me between the X and the Dinc. I went with X, i suppose, because of the bigger screen. My thing was to move on from WM and try something new, hence Android. But who knows what WM future holds after all these new platforms started popping up. I surely won't know til a yr from now. As for OmniaII... No sense in me going backwards. When OmniaII came out, I went to play with it it at VZ but other than the "pretty screen" I had already been using WM6.5 for at least 6mths already (thx to all the chefs here) which made it seem old then.
  2. Just wanted to Thx all the Chef's here and gone for making my Omnia a decent phone these past years. Moving on to Android X, waiting for delivery. Thx again and good luck with WM7 :)
  3. personal experience since m2d came to omnia, download you tube and opera cabs (or opera from their website) to My Storage. And yes you have to use m2d2 to set default web browser. (shut m2d down FIRST before playing with m2d2, uncheck touchflo under settings/home settings/items)
  4. Awesome, works very well!! So long amAze :)
  5. Please share the location of where I can make this change. Looked under the all messages/mms options and I don't see anything with a data connection option. Please help
  6. Also: i have never had an issue with ringtones just being in My Storage without a subfolder.. Been doing that since Release in Dec 08.
  7. any one run across the problem where the mms wont play audio files? it will just put a red X through the file icon. is there a fix? i think its version 28223, i ask cause i flashed my friends phone at work some time ago and he just brought this to my attention...
  8. Also if yah haven't seen, Lioryte has tons of apps on their page here on Modaco. Not too descriptive but you can google them for more details. Post#2 http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...-16mb-pagepool/
  9. There use to be an option to allow the X button to close or minimize the app. Is it still on this rom and could someone point it out for me please?!?
  10. Sorry mon been away, No I haven't found a fix for the notification sounds but I haven't had the time to look either. it was said they have a fix in their forums. I will be checking there this weekend... As of 2 days ago it will no longer ring when set to ring it just vibrates... Of course, unless I soft reset then i will get sounds for a few hrs
  11. Still not getting weather to find location, installed AIO and Certs is there something else I need? What is the Mortscript version and how is it used/applied? Main weathe tab is working fine but the problem is the Home Screen
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