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  1. Rishi_Tank

    ROM flashing

    i would like to know this as well!!! Since ive noticed how various ROMs improve the performance of the HTC Touch HD. And i wouldnt want to lose all my contacts, messages, settings and so on when flashing a new ROM. There must be a way to backup the original ROM? hmm
  2. I think there is an option in Coreplayer where you can select certain plugins? I think one of these plugins allow you to control tracks in coreplayer. Hope that helps.
  3. Hey im using the Sony Ericsson HBH DS980 and they are perfect!!! Just one thing, when im watching videos with this i noticed that the frame rate has dropped lol n it is sometimes visible that the video stutters lol. Is this usual for all bluetooth headsets?? Because after all, the audio needs to be streamed to the headset via bluetooth rather than simply being relayed via the 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  4. Do you know if the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980 works properly with the HTC Touch HD?? Such as changing tracks via the Music tab? And what about sound quality? Good bass? Hope someone could shed some light on this coz this headset looks amazing :(
  5. Hey, ive been having problems for a long time now with the device lock feature of the HTC Touch HD. I've set the device so that the lock screen only prompts for the password if the device is idle for 5 minutes but when using applications such as Album or TomTom that don't require the user to touch the screen that often, the screen locks itself!!! This is really annoying as well lol does anyone know how to fix this? Maybe a registry hack or something? (by the way i did perform a hard reset and had the same problem :)) Thanks.
  6. Rishi_Tank

    HTC Touch HD dropping calls

    hmm that's weird. this is the first ive heard of this problem! ive had my touch hd since 12th december and havnt had any problems even with the hotfixes! maybe its one of the settings or tweaks that u mite have made?
  7. There is an option on messenger or windows live that deals with synching so if you choose not to sync all your emails and messenger contacts untick the relevant boxes e.g. there should be an option to sync email so untick that if you don't want your emails from hotmail on your phone. Also make sure that whatever you do DO NOT delete any of the synched email addresses in your phonebook because that will then delete them permenantly from your MSN contact list! So just untick the boxes in the synching options to safely remove contacts/emails from your phone. I think it should be under options or account options where you'll find the synching options. Hope this helps.
  8. Rishi_Tank

    Touch HD Sync Problems

    hmm i haven't had any trouble whatsoever with connecting my HTC Touch HD to my PC. I've tried connecting to activesync and the disk drive options for long periods of time with no problems! I'm using Windows Vista and I installed whatever was on the disc that came with the phone and then connected the phone to the computer with no problems. Maybe there is something incompatible on your computer? Maybe the version of activesync? Hope this helps.

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