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  1. How to read pdf files in Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone edition ?? Adobe reader for pocket pc 2.0 cannot support this version. Thanks, Rain
  2. If not in HK, any internet shop I can buy ? I don't want to buy the low capacity (700mAh) battery from Mitac. Thanks, Rain
  3. My Mio 8390 battery is nearly dead. Can any one tell me where i can buy a new battery in HongKong ? Find many shops but failed. If > 1000mAH will be excellent. Thanks, Rain
  4. I want to install Dr eye for smartphone. It require 12MB free on phone storage before installation. After installation, this 12MB can be free up and data can store to memory card. My phone has only 4.5MB free on phone storage. I don't want to uninstall everything and re-install later.... Any good way ?? Say, can I just move some storage temporarily to my PC, then copy it back to phone storage without affecting its operation ?? Thanks, Rain
  5. Which English to Chinese dictionary is good ? I need the pronounication symbols. Thanks, Rain
  6. Which English to Chinese dictionary for smartphone 2003 is good? I need also the pronounciation symbol. Thanks, Rain
  7. What MP3 player are you using for the 8390? The SP integrated media player is so primitive. At least i would like to select song to play...... Thanks,
  8. Thanks. Found it. But you can only do this when aware of losing signal. Do you know if it could automatically http://www.modaco.com/search.php>Search network after out of network for some time ??
  9. A simple question. I don't know how to switch between small and capital letter for the 8390. Anyone can help ? Thanks, :)
  10. I have the same problem. How to turn on the flight mode ? Thanks
  11. Any more comment ? Is this adapter better than the 8380 stereo handfree from Mitac ?
  12. I checked with over 20 shops and cannot find a suitable stereo handfree for 8390. Only one shop told me that I can use Sony Ericson P900 handfree on 8390. Any idea ? Do you know which other brand handfree compatible with 8390 ?? Thanks, Rain :P
  13. Is there any maximum size of MMC / SD that 8390 could support ? Or in theory, it can support all size ? Thanks,
  14. Is there any Microsoft Smartphone 2003 user guide ? I can't find it in the internet ? Thanks,
  15. Where could I find a user guide for smartphone 2003? I could locate it in microsoft.com. If I want to read word and excel file, must I install software? What s/w can do this ? Thanks,
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