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  1. i just wanted to bake a rom with mostly vanilla apps, but the problem is, that i can't select aosp lockscreen even though the htc lockscreen is not checked!
  2. hey trip, would it be possible to change the buttons to standard config (i know how to do that, in qwerty.kl) but i can't change the longpress on home action, to menu! i dug around in the android.policy.jar, but there is no sendEvent method which i could use to insert the menu button call :(
  3. you know the difference between repacking a sense rom, and building/compiling a fresh rom from source ? if yes, please rethink what you just wrote, if no, please go back do xda-repackers and flash whatever shiny themed repack sense rom you like :)
  4. can you please give a choice for, long press home -> menu, and recent button to recent?? i really love the standard button configuration! also i can't get into recovery anymore oO
  5. WTF, sorry to be a little off topic, but as i own a One X european edition, i am angry at HTC for restricting flashing boot.img from recovery, and usb access (adb and mount storage) but if wouldn't be at least able to do the S-ON Unlock i would not buy the device or bring it back 100% sure!
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies in the making :-) http://t.co/YSDGJKUj

  7. How a Few Popular Android Apps Could Get an Android 4.0 UI Refresh While Keeping Their Branding - With Mockups http://t.co/gGxSeZ8p

  8. it gets better and better :) Google Maps 8-bit for NES: http://t.co/oZovNbMt via @youtube

  9. Nexus Prime teased in new Samsung video? | This is my next... http://t.co/z8QGKzY6 via @verge

  10. I use #tweetcasterHD for honeycomb right now and it's awesome! Check it out http://t.co/ZP6D1u7

  11. the new market uses /cache partition to store downloads, so if your cache is full you can't dl large files anymore! try to clean up the cache
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