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  1. I think it is so. I have no problems with playing recorded videos and music. Not perfect but better than in V1.
  2. V3 very nice. I have a question how to change the icons in main menu because some of them are fuzzy.
  3. Friends the JN Foundation is going to make an B7300 rom but in German, maybe they also make an english rom in future.
  4. to uninstall programms go to Settings->Memory Settings->Main Storage there u can delete installed programms.
  5. thx downloading and testing very nice ROM the touch is so cool thx =) is there a chance to transfer the main menu from omnia lite?
  6. Can somebody post the wallpaper from i908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM 6.5.X build 23563 Titanium 24.04.10 please =)
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