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  1. hi, ive been win 6.5 on kaiser for a while. I have tried loads of different build by different chefs and the fast majority are stable. personally im happier on 6.1 as the 2d drivers work better :D loads of roms are on xda developers
  2. could this be a solution for fixing a bricked omnia?
  3. I asked them about that and they completely refused to touch it. Oh well at least my omnia brick looks pretty with its mirror screen protector.
  4. My phone completely bricked <_< no omnia logo and freezes on downloading diskimage region #1. Sent back to Vodafone who refused because they said it had liquid damage, which it does not. Im going to send to Samsung in the next few days. its my last hope. I have just purchased a HTC Hermes from ebay just in case :)
  5. My Samsung Omnia has bit the dust so Ive had to go back to my Lobster. Its bloody ugly but damn reliable!! Only problem is I cant find any replacement headphones for it :) B) Anyone got ideas where I could get some?
  6. My problem is that I didnt take out any insurance/service plan but it just looks like the techies cant bothered even looking and claimed water damage. I hope Samsung are better than Vodafone cos they're just idiots
  7. Yea, im going to try that next. Vodafone are just chumps. Not holding much hope out tho, especially after reading that there is a small litmus strip inside the Omnia that detects water damage. i could take it if they said that the firmware is different and you have invalidated your warranty but for them to say water damage is annoying beyond belief. They did give me £25 credit to buy a Vodafone PAYG phone from their store lol.
  8. absolutely gutted!!!!! I sent my Omnia off to Vodafone to repair it being bricked using vie12 (no omnia logo just a faint back light) They said they will not repair due to water damage!!!! Its never been in the rain, in steam and defo hasnt been dropped in the bath. I get the feeling they didnt know what to do, so that old chestnut of "liquid damage" must apply. oh well, guess ill have to use my old htc monet (lobster 700tv) until my contraact expires in March next year. boo hoo <_<
  9. I use the optical mouse quite a lot so i wont be moving to 6.5 anytime soon.
  10. I currently have the mirror screen protector for my omnia and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It was purchased from ebay and ive found it tough, durable and I dont have a single scratch yet (i use the stylus most of the time). I dont have any problems with screen sensitivity. For me this was a very good purchase. It certainly makes your omnia more eye catching <_<
  11. <br /><br /><br /> wm6.5 at present is far too slow for me. I like the honeycomb but titanium is very plain
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