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  1. yup the new Switch is working nicely. you really do work fast :) better go get some rest before you burn out
  2. yup, that worked :) thanks, I would have never figured this out
  3. deleting did not help, and settings stick as they were unfortunately after a reboot...
  4. umm, is it just me or the home button does not work in GPe after beta 5 flash? it vibrates and all, and double click works, but not the actual single press. Perhaps it's a conflict with sense, is there some way to wipe settings app because it has this option disabled in settings... other than that, I must say this is exceptional work, huge thanks to Paul! Perhaps there is another adfree member coming ;)
  5. thanks for the link Paul, I'm preparing to flash now :) I haven't bothered to flash any roms on my One, so let's see how this beauty does.
  6. It's definitely a miss on HTC's side, but considering how cutting-edge this production technique is, I'm amazed they made it. Perhaps they shuld have waited for another generation to perfect the process, but they could have been dead by then without a good device.
  7. My One has the same SH35T serial as author's, but mine is absolute stunner. No gaps, overhangs, bad cuts etc... Looks the same as HTC's renders. I think such bad devices are rare. But chaps who get them return them to the store. I guess the retailers don't want to return otherwise working devices, so they try to sell them again. And the "infinite" circle of bad devices is there. There are many articles about how many Ones HTC sells, and if the problem was so widespread, wouldnt people notice? C'mon mate, you just had a bad luck unfortunately... Demand a new device from fresh stock, and I bet It'll be just fine. And no need t get upset over tiny errors such as power button on the picture... that's on microscopic level.
  8. 1.android isn't comparable to iphone since it runs objective-c apps, and android has Dalvik VM to run apps iphone will thus use less ram and will be slower without optimizations, android will use lots of ram and be quicker(if we compare it on same HW) 2.3.x is currently tegra only afaik.
  9. i hope guys pull this off better than Kogan! no half-baked phone-to-tablet port... and, some support later than 2days from release.
  10. i'd rather have price bumped slightly then slow-ass unsuported cpu + development costs something, buying all-in one is just packing.. not to mention huge shortcut on android porting
  11. i think those guys shouldn't reinvent hot water. just buy nice SoC (with cortex proc) from mobile phones like GS, Motorolas(if performance is important)... or perhaps snapdragon like the one in Desire/HD2(if you want batt life, these suck +-1mA standby), whichever comes out better. Why? 1.these are all well supported devices, tegra is expensive and chinese "no name" processors suck. 2.small size(being all-in-one)->bigger batt 3.no fiddling around finding combos that would work good
  12. is it possible to buy one in slovenia? :P
  13. +1 but i need one in EU(slovenia) thanks
  14. sup guys came here from long time ago if someone remembers :D i own HD2 for like a year now but now my friend bought used Omnia for $50 and it brought a lot of good memories :huh: i came here to see if forum is still alive. i see omnia dev still kicking :) nicce to see :P
  15. Hi everyone! I had too much time today and so I started digging through some old projects i made last summer...so i found my wayyy old "pictureviewer". Recently when i flashed to 6.5.5 GTX rom i also considered some app development for this summer. I read that 6.5 includes some in-built gesture methods and since picture viewer seemed to be usable place to learn them i give it a shot. Read some MSDN, so here is result. PictureView 0.1.... i could name it also Lack of Better Name (no good ideas LOL) If someone is bored too, give it a shot. Post back and tell me what you think:P btw it is 2 day project so don't be too hard on me :) grab the cab from attachments:P PictureView.cab
  16. it's pain in the ass to develop for WM. believe me, i've tried. And even if you came up with something you must them recode 20 versions for different versions of WM, resolutions, sensors etc. And for most things you must also make your own API's. The whole SDK sucks compared to iOS, Palm SDK, or android one. it's easier to develop for any other mobile platform on earth... +there are almost none 3d games for omnia because it doesn't have 3D acceleration chip-like graphics card on your computer.
  17. if you want to know why 6.5's are crappy i'll give you a hand :huh: well, you all know that omnia original ROM's are 6.1 They use 6.1 OEM(sansung in this case)XIP kernel. This is only part you cannot really change, since samsung holds it's source code. OEMXIP got updated with new original releases(dxia2,dxia5.....). But with 6.5 they arent, because samsung would have to buy a whole new licence for 2 yr. old device. We would get official update then... Mainly people @xda got 6.5's working because it's so similar to 6.1 OEMXIP(shows how much M$ has done :P ) You can see by yourself there are some differences in RAM managment in 6.1/.5, so there are incompatibilities. If xip's were exactly the same, you could run 6.1 on HD2 for example... It's just the way it is, some prefer one, some others. it's personal perference. but facts can't be changed....
  18. 6.5 roms are just full load of bloatware on old CE 5-same kernel that's there since WM5... you cannot expect it to work better just by adding (halfway-done)eyecandy. It's just like Vista and XP... Try with installing M2Dv2 to 6.1 and apply black theme form joža... won't feel like win95 anymore. I also advise KC's 6.1 20001 from OmniaII rom cause it has inbuilt FTouchSL, you get kinetic scrolling all over OS, just like 6.5... You will be suprised how fast can omnia boot&run ;)
  19. You can do them by yourself (resource hack shellres) or by dwnloading MWC wait cursor @XDA This is link ;)
  20. no dude, you got it wrong.... WinRAR opens Windows (NOT mobile) cabs. Windows mobile cabs are very different, they are same as WinCE. So use WinCeCab Manager. It's not free, but you know... khm... google... ;) it is very simple to open a cab. But with this dialer i believe it won't go the same way, i see dll's inside. To open dll's(or .exe, .mui) you have to use Res Hacker. it's free ;) dll's are also for taskbars, waitboxes, changing names in titanium(spining 4 colours) etc... i tried even skining Touch Player, just by opening it in Res Hacker and replacing files inside ...If you Lots of things can be done, but you can f* up your phone really good if you don't know what you are doing. also get yourself msigner for signing your hacked dll's, exe's, if you dont sign them they will show errors. damn this was long... you can PM me if you want details
  21. actually, it DELETES al other addons... if you want to keep them, you must edit files by yourself :P cab replaces cpr's and will revert to default titanium if you use it.
  22. it shure is possible to make a partition on MyStorage... but why risk loosing all information on your internal storage if you can do it all on SD card? i mean, SD cards are so cheap nowdays :D
  23. tried it, doesn't work for me.... i get kernel panic... dunno if i have done anything wrong, but i don't think that this rootfs has right configuration for omnia... but i can't be shure... please anyone confirm...
  24. i know i saw an program on xda-devs which can protect selected applications from being killed in 6.5... but i don't remember the name. i had it installed when i used ryrzy's m2d rom and it worked :D
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