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  1. do you remember when omnia was released xD it's two years :lol: no one isn't going to spend time to make sense working on omnia. i personally traded it for HD2(used two months) and payed 250€ extra :D you cannot even imagine how different can same OS feel on different hardware... just sayin'...
  2. AlphaUI requires MortScript - it juices out your battery, it doesn't have animations, not much stuff out-of-box. ock made all interface for his rom on it's own. And is is, as name says, alpha. Infinity is in development stages, but you can already see much more attention to detail... It works out of box as it should Try installing latest version from ageye forum and you will see. It's basicaly very lightweight SPB MS, with resco's really great design.
  3. first of all, just hahaha... people want to run everything on thir onmia, form Win XP to Symbian...yeah right... You can make it faster by selling it for some money, add some of yours and head to store nearby(not over internet, look at my topic on front page), pick up your iPhone or Wave, and go back to your home. You'll be very satisfied with your Omnia
  4. Hey, it got many of people convinced because it sounds very realistic, not so low prices, very professional altitude and he has all the answers to your tricky questions! The company is registered, everything seems just fine until you pay. As said before, beware of internet buying! It's easy if you live in america because phones and computers are so cheap that you can throw them against the wall. But this isn't the case in the whole world, so you are forced to seek for alternitives... and here is where this man trash is seeking for oportunity.
  5. yeah it's easy to say;) but this guy even has it's own web shop here so it look very authentic... it's like a professional ripoff.. And you get all pictures of your items with your name written on them! So don't say that it so obvious that it's a scam ;)
  6. burke doks [email protected] or [email protected] If you get really tempting offer from this guy for a phones, with pictues and everything, every last detail, DON'T BUY!!!! HE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND BLACKLIST YOU ON HIS MAIL SO YOU CANNOT WRITE TO HIM ANYMORE! You have been warned!
  7. Woww man this is much more responsive than what i thought it would be! :( Keep up with good work! BTW my lockscreen isn't chinese, but the bottom part is a little too down, and you can't set a picture as background... Everything else worked for me just fine ;) :)
  8. so have you uploaded yet or not? waiting to try out! tnx
  9. yeah, if you wite application with: "this.menu = null;" this will hide soft buttons, if that's what you mean.. but you cannot do it everywhere, if that's what you mean..
  10. A lot of things encounter low outside visibility. Some are already listed in previous posts.. First and most important thing is digitizer! It lets through only around 80% of light, because there are two layers of electric-conductive coating on it... Capacitive screens are somewhat better, they have only one conductive layer, therefore letting through more light. Also, the space between digitizer and LCD is important, or if display panel is transreflective and what kind of backgighting it has. To summarize, there is a lot of things that make omnia perform bad outside. But other phones do also, it comes down to production expenses, battery and space saving. We also use phones inside most of time (or don't we?), so it just doesn't pay off.
  11. Well, this is near to impossible to make. I believe that all those exe's have hardcoded resolution set to 480x800. Windows mobile also has a big amount of lockscreens, and to be true, this samsung one isn't really that great. atleast not good enough to make efforts pay off. +the prices of omniaII are so low this times, if you like it just sell i900 and get i8000 for double that cash!
  12. download osKitchen, download official ROM and import it. you can read the rest in i think ock's guide.
  13. i tried yes. and i'm wondering if files you provided are all. and from where did you get them? i believe we need atleast some kind of flash player on device to be able to run it. and there may be a different resolution for lockscreen and i know it's hard to port samsung apps with their strange implementation of things :S
  14. Why do people even try all possible ways to flash a ROM through VM or grandprix. It only makes easier to brick your phone. Just think how long does it take you setup your VM? I believe you could install and dual boot XP in twice that time and have rest forever. That's what i did with my win7 machine. So you have a nice dual boot, and you can aswell install software for XP if you have some that doesn't work in 7 yet. just my 2cents
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