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  1. Hi, install this drivers first and then Yonn Jinbox . Regards Yonn OmniaLITE Lsoma Drivers.cab
  2. Hi Steff, I have some problems with googlemaps and youtube(square fonts), I have instaled form google site, also instaled a ock fix and can´t work this. Thanks
  3. Thank you Steff, it´s running. I also use a legal Phonxx version, and some times it the wm answer shows up, any suggestions? By the way which UI do you use?
  4. Hi Steff, I use for a while your roms, which i like because they are clean and whith out problems, 21689 Lite. As you could see, I have made some changes..In this last, is there any improvement besides grafical? I use omnia Keyboard, but I can´t use it with mymobiler, any suggestion? Which UI you use, I like M2D, but don´t Work in Landscape...Tomorow I´ll try the Lite one, Thanks.
  5. Hello, Im trying the ROM Without SPB, and in connection manager I can´t acess WIFI. Thanks.
  6. You must install start menu list view, icon changer and s2u2. icontheme.rar gfx.rar
  7. Hello steff, I´m using your previous version, with some modifications on start menu. It run with no problems. But I can´t change touch response icon, any ideia? Thanks and keep the good work.
  8. Congratulations Andrew, This is not my beach, but worth the effort, when most people only come on the forum for suck others work. Continues the effort, but in visual terms the wm is light years of the themes of iphone ( I'm not an iphone fan, just his themes ). It all goes around manila, spb, gtx, and do not pass this. Take for example this theme Theme , which i´ve ported to wad. Good effort
  9. Thanks for your rom. Any ideia why can´t i install ndrive v10 on your roms?
  10. Hi, for me is the best substitute for default wm outlook. If some one could find better one, I apreciate. Samsung_Messaging.cab
  11. Thnks and also to andrew.mazlim to this idea, Another one: CWP_7_LockScreen___WQVGA.cab TorchButtonOmnia.CAB TouchResponse_v0_3_2.CAB wm6bat_solid_qvga.cab
  12. Hi, I also use this: BluetoothIconNotifier.CAB GPRS_1_Minute_Auto_Disconnect.CAB GpsModDriver_317.CAB psshutxp_eng.xscale.cab S2U2_Touch_Fix.cab XTKit.com_Omnia_Front_Camera.cab
  13. Hi, use this.. that works for me for several Gps programs. GpsModDriver_317.CAB
  14. hello, I have instaled gpsmod and yonn gps setting, and it works for Tomtom, ndrive, navigon and sygic. Enjoy GpsModDriver_317.CAB Yonn_OmniaLITE_GPS_Setting.cab
  15. Se tens o xp não precisas nada disto, flasha primeiro a rom carregando no executavel. Se correr tudo bem, procura o GP para Xp, para a Phone. Até amanhã
  16. Olá Carriça, Não sei qual o s.o. do pc que estás a utilizar. Para o vista o W7, eu so uso o executor para extrair os ficheiros da rom e depois flacho com o grandprix vista. No entanto, convem antes actualizar a parte do telefone, eu uso a DXIF1 (menor consumo de bateria e optima recepção e GPS). Vê este filme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwxUeK2R4xo Cptos i900_EXEcutor.exe USDL_GrandPrix_v1.6.4_VISTA.exe
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