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  1. build.prop identifies the Hannspad as a Malata so it could just be a re-badge.
  2. I have the 53 as well. The screen only really washes out when you move your point of view too far to the left. Otherwise it's great. I can handle that one minor issue given the price and performance. I would like to see Honeycomb but I'm still pretty happy even if it never gets it.
  3. It would be most cool to have a Hannspad section. I've stuck the TnT rom on it for now as I couldn't be doing with all that adb rigmarole to get the Market. Works well but I'd like to see a HoneyComb rom. HannsComb?
  4. Has anybody done this? Does Paul's procedure for the U100 work?
  5. Could I use my o2 sim in this dongle? It'd be a lot cleaner solution than tethering my phone in my opinion.
  6. Potentially (if it worked) what does this offer over the excellent Opera that's built into my Touch HD?
  7. I don't believe you need to delete all files. Quite a lot of the _manila files are in ROM so can't be deleted. When I delete them about 1198 files don't get deleted. I think these are the ones that are built-in. I definitely get back to the default settings when I do the delete, even though these still remain.
  8. Good to know. I'll keep my eyes open. Once thing though. How do you delete them all? I'm trying through Activesync but just get an error telling me I can't delete them because they might be read only, or write protected or currently in use. I've turned off touchflo 3d in Today settings and rebooted but still can't delete.
  9. Well I turned on my HD this morning and it was well knackered. Image corruption on practically every tab. No screen shots cos I've just hard reset it and restored my sprite backup. I think we need a way of clearing out an entire theme before applying a new one. Clearly there are issues if you don't. It'd also be nice to be able to go back to the default theme without hard resetting.
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