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  1. Thanks for sharing your work downloading your DC22 rom now
  2. Nice work being done here !!!! thanks to all that have contributed
  3. Ok I see ... I need to look into that more myself Also I'll reconfigure to replace the cecompr.dll for the device xip.bin only when LZX is selected Are you running into any other snages ? or ideas for improvement ? thanks for your feedback buy the way If you want it here is the cecompr.dll i used to fix the device xip.bin for LZX if you would like I dont wnt to use it for XPR because it is much larger Its my belief the EXTReloc is the way to go for the omnia and I like it for my HTC devices as well cecompr.dll_LZXimageinfo.txt.zip
  4. Glad LZX is working for you now I will refine the device xip.bin I uploaded when I get a chance just got home Refering to EXTReloc.... "build a donor xip.bin out of MSXIPkernel? " I'm not sure if i understand what you ate trying to do the kitchen does the for you The only file copied from any doner are MSXIPKernel & MSXIPKernelLTK search for "xcopy /y XIP_DONOR\*.bin xipTools\xip.bin" in EXTReloc.BAT for XIP_DONOR And xcopy /y XIP_DEVICE\*.bin xipTools\xip.bin for XIP_DEVICE the out dir in XIPTools is what you are left with to build the xip_out.bin if want ot disable something ADD REM to the line you want to disable also to delete additional files you can use this as a templet del .\xipTools\OUT\MODULES\hd.dll.txt rd /s /q .\xipTools\OUT\MODULES\hd.dll Its all in the EXTReloc.BAT you can change what you would like ;) or send me the build, origonal doner waht you want to do and I'll reright the code
  5. OK you could try this "XIP_DEVICE" I have no way to test it until tommorow but I think it will work if it does XPR should work also if not for now switch back to the oem xip.bin for the "XIP_DEVICE" also LZX wont work with platformrebuilder unless you switch out the cecompr.dll in oemxipkernel CC20_LZXxip.zip
  6. Hmmmm ? did you have the same result with ExtrelocV1. I am away for the weekend but I'll look into that when I get home tommorow sorry for your trouble
  7. Both kitchen have been updated V2 kitchens are up
  8. NP have fun with it also....... I'll have an update patch for the EXTReloc portion of the kitchen in the morning The xip porting-reloc process has been fine tuned It my not be fully automated but Im working on it. ;)
  9. Thanks ... I had fun working on it so I wanted to share
  10. Hmmm you are correct I'll fix that and repost
  11. RecModCommon.vbs was written by joojoobee I beleive I changed the .cmd for this kitchen but the RecModCommonFiles.txt is mine I like it better
  12. Yes the tree is similar to WoZZeR's LZX compression is done diferentlly no need for the imgfs.src and the build process is a little different I can only take credit some of the code & stripping down the Os.nb's If you want to try a full kitchen I posted my my last build here 23081Kitchen
  13. I put together a simple kitchen for the i910 learned a lot in the process It uses platformrebuilder & osnbtool Support for: Building only Changeing pagepool SYS RecMod more than one oem for testing LZX compression some error reporting command interface NEW Platformrebuilder kitchen for Chefs i910Kitchen_V3 V3 Notes Fixed LZX compression ******************************************** NEW BuildOS-EXTReloc or Platformrebuilder kitchen for Chefs i910_EXTReloc_V2.rar V3 Notes Will be updating soon LZX will be working adding some new features *******LZX compression needs to be fixed will update asap********* V2 Notes Most everything now runs from the "Start Kitchen.cmd" Updated tools updated commands Fine tuned EXTreloc porting more read me instructions command interface only one oem or sys at a time Kitchen includes stock OEM, SYS, ReadMe notes for layout and test run .... also includes updated tools and other usefull tools EXTReloc has put out some of the fastest roms I have ever built for my devices Can be easily changed to support most htc devices Kitchen encludes NEW IMGFSFromDump-TURBO v2.2.2 to support (LZX/XPR/None) compression thanks airxtreme
  14. Updated first post with my 23081 kitchen including my oem and sys KITCHEN
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