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  1. thanks the problem was in initflashfiles.dat, as he said his friend acrocosm greetings to all are a spectacle.
  2. Hello everyone I need help from you my problem and I'm building a Portuguese rom and everything works well so that the splash screen to calibrate the screen appears each time you reboot the phone, how do I arrange icons in the menu.
  3. someone able to help me please for that when it builds my rom in several sys files appears this error! Can not map voicedll.dll \ imageinfo.bin
  4. anyone can help me and built my first rom em portugues So far so good the problem is that when I use the rom syakr to modify many of the link like the camera and others are turned off, and create folders in English and not in portugues I'm making wrong? I have to do? excuse my English
  5. anyone can help me is I'm trying my rom em portugues hecer just do not get! my question is I have to move anything in the oem? and the only subtitles sys is the mui?
  6. Please help I am trying to make my own rom in Portuguese and I should be INANCE anything bad about that when I install the rom the screen stays where it says Static omnia I unzip the rom and mute the sys em Portuguese mui with someone new sys I can explain how I do with the new xip? and will have to modify some file? ;)
  7. I like that after creaer a new panel is equal to the others as I put the icon on the homepage?
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