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  1. There is one other thing, the compression algorithm. Right now, the i920 kitchen uses XPR. I'm working on implementing LZX, which will yield more free mem than XPR. The kitchen will take longer to build the rom and first boot will likely be longer, but after that, you shouldn't see any decline in performance. Since I don't have a device to test on, I'm waiting to hear back from a tester to see if my latest attempt was successful. I'll post here if/when it's ready. I think the only snag I hit was freeing up some space in the xip.bin to fit the modified cecompr.dll. I removed the storage card encryption dll to make room, and I think the xip.bin rebuilt properly. If someone needs that dll, then you'll just have to move another (maybe 2) dll out of XIP and into the OEM, like the lso dlls for example. Anyway, I'll post back here as it progresses.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I have played with an i920 a bit and was certainly impressed, but wanted to hear the thoughts from real owners. If I can find a device in my price range, I'll definitely pull the trigger. Hope to see you guys soon!
  3. I'll be purchasing off contract and can't spend 600+ on my next device, so no droid X for me. Plus, WinMo is not a con for me. I know it inside and out. I do like android (I'm in the process of learning Java), but want to give WM one last go before it's totally dead. The available mem is an issue though, anyone know how it compares to a TP2?
  4. Hi guys! I'm looking into getting an i920, but after owning an i910, I have some reservations. First off, I know there are bigger and better devices out there, but I need to purchase a device off contract, so a slightly older model (no offence lol!) suits me better. Also, I LOVED the i910. Some of you may even be familiar with my work on it. But, there were some issues I had with it that I'm hoping were resolved on the i920. So, I'd like to hear the opinions of current i920 owners. The main question I have is the performance of the GPS chip. It is practically worthless on the i910 and I'm curious if Samsung did a better job this time around. One last thing...I must say, I'm super impressed with what the i920/I8000 chefs have done, so the dev community here is a major plus. Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  5. This rom has Titanium Radar, which uses the file HTCSensorSDK.dll. This file breaks the latest versions of Google Maps. You can install the attached cab to disable this file and Google Maps will work normally, but you will lose the Radar function in the Titanium Weather panel. If you must have both, search out Google Maps version 3.2 or older. It's the last GM build that doesn't interfere with the .dll file. *Install the cab to device, then soft reset.* WM32_Google_Map_fix.cab
  6. You can try enabling them from chome editor, but they should be there on first boot (either after a flash or hard reset). If not, you may need to reflash.
  7. I had some free time this weekend, so check the end of post 3 for an old UI UL ROM.
  8. I'm sorry to say that I won't be cooking roms anymore. I simply don't have the time. In the little time I do have, I've starting learning Android development. Hopefully I'll see some of you on that side in the future. I just want to send out a big thank you to the omnia community! Especially my rom users and everyone who's donated. It is truly appreciated! What amazing things we've achieved with our devices as a group. It's a testament to all people who come together; we can accomplish such great feats! Thanks again everyone! P.S. - You may see me around here and other boards under my new nick, UnkleDuke.
  9. I believe it's an issue with the built in SD card. Backup anything on there you want to keep, then reformat My Storage.
  10. @Elftmannxb - install other keyboards by cab. @Chimp - I don't know why your phone was crashing so much. I can't recreate any lockups on my V2. Hard reset and see if any problems persist.
  11. I think the lockups were related to file explorer extensions. I've removed it in V2. If you report an issue, please let me know which rom/version you are running.
  12. You don't need CF03, you can just flash to DC22, then my rom.
  13. Facebook working fine on my end. Which rom are you running?
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