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  1. OK i think i'm getting the x1 its 10€ cheaper too... I saw that VGA program its an emulator. Not even arrows? men that is a shame... But i'm sure u can reassign them with a program. yeh thats one more question i have: With the HTC blackstone 3d interface will it replace one of the panels or just add it to the list?
  2. Hey i'm getting a new phone and i really like the sony x1 but i also really like the touch pro... Wich one should i choose? Question: With the weird x1 screen resolution will all games and apps work that will work for all other devices? I mean doom and new games X1: + 3.0 inch screen +curved slide shape thing +x-panels - Weird screen resolution -4 row qwerty keyboard instead of 5 -30mb ram PRO +More common screen res +Great interface for use with fingers +5 row qwerty keyboard - less battery time - 0.2 inch smaller screen -no audio jack plug They're both great phones with the same processor speed so wich one should i choose?
  3. hey i watnt to upgrade to wm6 but the wiki link has expirwed what now? EDIT: theres no underscore key to edit the regestiry?
  4. Is this topic dead? i've a request can someone upload the WM6 them e + wmp11 for the i320 please?
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