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  1. trying to find any rom for i910, but all links died. m.b. i can get direct link?

  2. XIP: From Da_G's latest SYS thread at XDA Manual XIP Porting: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=438676
  3. I have no way of testing this, but I can try to get something going for the i920 people. I can try looking into it tomorrow, but since I can't actually test the flash's, it'll be a longer process.
  4. I saw your other post Lancez. Someone should give that kitchen a try. I can only do so much without an actual device to test it with.
  5. Ok. That was the easy version I had hoped would work. I guess I'll have to go about it a more difficult way then. For now, Use XIPKitchen to port, and just place the new xip.bin in /rom.
  6. I made a new thread with a test rom. Let me know if it works
  7. This will be a holding page for the updated i920 kitchen. I will be providing a link for a test stock 23529 rom. If it works, I will pack up the kitchen and have it ready for you tonight. Rom Link: Still now working...
  8. Hey, I'm working on the XIP porting function for the Kitchen. I'm just trying out some new scripts, and I'll post a test 100% stock rom for who ever wants to try it in a bit. If it works, I'll pack up and release version 1.1 of the kitchen.
  9. Take a look at the i8000 sections. The link you provided is for an old build of Sense 2.5, and on top of that you posted a VGA version, when you have a WVGA screen. Most new Sense versions are already wvga, so that's not the issue for your i920, it's the graphics drivers.
  10. Visual Kitchen. It's a kitchen like osKitchen or Ervius Kitchen. You can select what to include through a visual interface.
  11. I have not had time to get the the Kitchen V1.1 (with XIP porting support) over the weekend. Hopefully I can get to it some time this week.
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