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  1. @Styla: Good job!! Can you share your taskbar theme, too ? Thanks in advance!
  2. Since it's no freeware it makes no sense to include that in general for a handful people that might buy the software...!?
  3. Yes...but in the midomi-thread sector says that he has successfully ported it to the omnia...means that it seems not to work right out of the box and has to be modified in some way to run... That's why I think it could be not that easy to get them to run. I would like to test it, but I don't know where to get the other apps? But maybe we can discuss that in the thread I created ? http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/293151...omnia-i900-too/
  4. Black skinned apps are already available on this forum, but as far as I have seen only these are only omnia (i900) apps. I would like to know, if the omnia II apps are running as well, because I see great functional enhancements besides the nice black colored skin.... Just wondering, that nobody else seems to be interested in getting them to work?! EDIT: Just found another topic handling the same problem/wish: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/291182/...ps-cab/page/40/
  5. Hey, I would like to know if its possible to get the apps from the Omnia II running also on the i900 ?? Have a look: http://pocketnow.com/review/samsung-omnia-...000?p=2 :) Especially the new Dialer, TouchCalendar and Mail are looking amazing!!! Since one of the apps ('Midomi') is already working on the i900, I hope there is a chance to get the other apps running as well. Is that possible ? Any idea where to get them (maybe as .cabs) ? Thanks in advance!! :D
  6. Hello KC, is it possible to implement the Samsung Omnia II Progs(Dialer, Calender, Mail etc.) into that ROM as seen on http://pocketnow.com/review/samsung-omnia-ii-i8000?p=2 ??? What do you think?
  7. OMG!! looks great....since midomi is already ported to our i900, it should be possible to get all the other apps from Omnia II running on the Omnia, too!? I like the new TouchCalender, the Dialer and all the other black skinned apps.... :)
  8. Zubnik, where is the sense in posting a theme preview without providing the according downloadlink to it ?? Please post themes with links only! Thank you.
  9. @softdare: Everytime I am selecting the sms tab in your theme(s) manila suddenly freezes!? Any idea how to fix it ? The theme is beautiful and I would really like to use it.... :D
  10. Hmm, does not work for me! Which firmware version(build?) are you using ? I am using Kuanchai WM 6.5 Build 21725...
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