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  1. It's not cool to post link patcher on this Topic....
  2. Hello Big Bounty ! Big holliday ? one month without update. this is a joke? it's not cool i going to Patcher or you working on update? Tanks in advance for answer ;-) Bye
  3. For all compatibility on stock. Format your sd card 64go on fat32. Guiformat, format32 are your friends
  4. Exactly! I never use simlock on CustomRom. Since Wm6 is out in custom rom. :) After Update SU 1.60 .Swich ok :)
  5. Fine now thx ! Just for information on 4.3; the screen miroring working on my Android mini PC (Minix neox5). :-)
  6. I think I found part, which poses a problem for the switch on my phone, Titanium Backup I just restored the tw rom, I rebooted on gpe and impossible to go on tw. I start everything from the beginning: MGA => 1.zip 2.zip ..... I install all applications from playstore and since my micro sd. no worries the switch works in both directions. titanium must amend or prevent the implementation of your file created by the switch. EDIT: SU exactly is responsible for the corruption of the switch after his update on TW, it is impossible for me to switch. I thought it came from titanium backup because I had done it in the meantime:-P
  7. Hi all ! @ Paul Is it possible to have both zip file created by the switch to the flash in manual switch if possible. To be more precise, I delete my Google account rom GPE due to 927 errors on the "Google Playstore." 1 - to reboot the Google account back alone 2 - it does not restart as the TW ROM (it restarts only on Google GPE) This would venture to not to have to reflash everything to a simple bug. Thank you in advance and good day! EDIT: this is exactly the same if you remove the Google account on the TW ROM, the switch returns only on TW. Fortunately I have a nandroid backup of Modaco-Switch that works well on the switch.
  8. +1 Today, no reboot on GPE with Switch. Why ? Yesteday is perfect.
  9. Alternative for folderMount or swap, because my data deezer is on extsdcard and data gameloft ?
  10. @Paul In your second post. Sense rom, launcher sense . ..... ;-) " * I want to use a third party launcher but each time I Switch, I get prompted to choose the default launcher. Can I avoid this? The way to avoid this would be to ensure that the 2 ROMs have the same launchers available, i.e. by using the 'disable button' to disable all other launchers in both ROMs apart form the one you want to use. So, if you wanted to use Nova as default on both, enable 'HTC Sense' on the Sense ROM and 'Launcher' on the GPe ROM. "
  11. Exactly. Flash again. And before boot gpe, remove security sim. Or put sim in other phone for remove security sim
  12. 1 Boot on Sammy. 2 Unlock the sim in settings/security. 3 Reboot on Gpe 4 Enjoy Envoyé depuis mon GT-I9505 avec Tapatalk 4
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