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  1. Hi I need a program like Total Commander where you can edit files and registry, but i need to be able to do it from my computer Mobile Registry Editor would be perfect but i need to be able to edit explorer.exe files etc like Windows files and folders. Just wondering if there are any programs like that? Thanks in advance!
  2. Okay I've tried the version from Motorola's site and that didn't work, it just said i already have the latest software, could someone please send me a link to a download that could work? sorry if this is a stupid question, i just can't find it anywhere ): thanks in advance (:
  3. Okay, i tried loading pocketSNES v1.53 on my Motorola Q9h but the picture was like in 4 different rows and looked completey retarded then i tried v1.52 and everything runs fine except for one quater of the screen is missing from the right side and is sorta compressed into the left side. any ideas on how to fix that? my screen is a QVGA 320x240. Thanks in advance, i really want pocketSNES on my phone. :rolleyes:
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