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  1. monsterpt

    Medical Apps

    Marcel, Thanks for this! Great find.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has spent time giving us info on the Droid and Android 2.0. You have helped me make the decision to switch... as soon as my wife is not looking.
  3. I noticed the same memory usage running the Naked ROM. I can't say that it has affected performance. I've only had one instance where program memory got so low that it gave me an error.
  4. Ditto here. I've been running the "Naked" ROM w MS 3.5.1 w Ultimate Elegance. Working great. Trying to change the size of the page selector at the bottom without success. I would like it to be just a little bigger. Any suggestions anyone?
  5. LOL, my son has been kicking my a**! I'll be sure to look you up (If you really suck maybe I'll win for a change!)
  6. Go to CHome editor and change the SKURL2 for cclock to the following: \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Spb Home.lnk Been doing this ever since MS 3 come out. Works for me. I also hard wire the main menu hold button in titanium to the spb holme [show today] option.
  7. +1 for keeping them. After chriscolumbus fix they are working great for me.
  8. Evidence/Mastergreeny, Nice work with the JML Panels. I will like seeing those in the next ROM. I got them loaded up and blank activeback images to show but that is as far as I got. So my home looks like a work in progress but I think they are much better than the manila and at favs. You guys keep outdoing yourselves.
  9. Mastergreeny, Any chance you could share your cpr file for the contable plugins? I am trying to edit the condensed panels for both but I have been unsuccessful so far. I have the panels working well, but I can't seem to get the layout to show the way I want it. Thanks!
  10. Any chance for a quick instruction on how to do that? Sounds awesome!
  11. Thank you guys for the great work on Nitrogen. Like it much more than the WMP. I know editing JLMPanex was a b****
  12. It's working fine for me. Clears sms whether I use the lock screen access or chome. Are you using V7?
  13. I am gonna work on a Nitrogen panel in the next few days hopefully. I like nitrogen much more than WMP. I'll post when (if) I get it running.
  14. Nice job fellas. You keep coming up with great stuff. I think I may stick with this ROM for awhile since I pick up my new toy tomorrow... Start crying boys.
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