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  1. yup... i just copy the files to those locations...then go to Sounds and Notifications. I cannot find any of the ringtones there. I also browse to the folder, hold on the "classic bell" tone and click "set as ringtone" but that does not work either.
  2. Hi socks! thanks for the advice on the ringtones. unfortunately, i still cannot seem to get the ringtones to work. i've tried putting the tones in 1) \my documents\my ringtones 2) \my storage\my ringtones 3) \storage card\my ringtones all of which do not work. :/ any ideas what may be wrong?
  3. ok ive finally got this ROM to work. Does anyone know how to add ringtones? i somehow cannot seem to reinstall my former samsung original tones.
  4. Hi Socks! i just flashed your ROM but ran into a problem. AFter flashing, my phone just kept restarting on its own. i could not even get into the main screen where i set my time. i hard reset it also...didnt work fortunately, i was able to flash to another ROM. eveyrthing went ok and in the end it said "Job Done" so im not sure what went wrong. any ideas?
  5. hi can i confirm that this automatically flashes the Phone part? or does it keep the existing phone part we have in the phone?
  6. Hi guys, i've encountered a rather strange problem with my omnia after flashing to WM 6.5. these problems come up on multiple different ROMs. I've used Khuanchai's, Ryrzys, Shokka's and Romovics' ROMs and all of them give me the same problems. here are the two problems 1) When my phone is locked and i get an incoming call, two icons appear: the Green "answer" icon and the Red "reject" icon. I can answer the phone fine if i slide to answer. However, if i press the answer button on the front of the omnia, the call fails to connect. Thereafter, there is no way for me to answer the call as the phone seems to have hanged. And then, if i reject the call, i am unable to get back to the main today screen. even if i press the "reject" button multiple times, the phone will be stuck to the caller info screen 2) when i get an incoming text message, i get a problem if i press "reply" to reply to the message. If i press reply, the keyboard fails to load. even if i touch the typing area multiple times, the keyboard will launch and then close by itself within seconds. Has anyone encountered these problems before? is there a solution? Thanks! (:
  7. hey is anyone able to create mirrors for the 23007 build? preferably somehting other than rapidshare or megaupload? (:
  8. hi ryrzy. would u be able to upload to another file hosting service? ;)
  9. hi can anyone upload to anything other than rapidshare? i can never seem to access rapidshare. :/
  10. im running the 6.5 rom now. it does seem a little slower than previously. but anyway, i have a slight problem. my XT9 doesn't work properly. usually, when you enter a word, there will be a selection of words to choose from. but now, taht selection is gone! i can't figure out how to cycle through the possible words. anyone encountered this?
  11. hey guys...am i missing something here? i cant seem to find the password for the 7zip file? can someone advise? thanks
  12. yupyup! hope he's still at it. been using it for a day now. like it so far. fast, responsive. but seems to conflict with S2U2 2.01 in that the phone will go to sleep and fail to wake up :/
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