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  1. man , this is a really great rom and it's getting contagious , new fresh and really nice idea ! nicely organized , i really love it no major bugs in the second release till now , everything is smooth side note can i add the same widget to multiple panels ? , is that possible ? cause that one "shotcut" like .. it's really usefull and i want to use every panel for a purpose .. like one for calls , one internet and one for apps , and it would be really great to have it on 3 pannels and is there any way to use -normal- non-threaded sms ? its not's so fast with over 4000 msg so any ideas? thanks in advance ,if there anything i can do to make it work on the 3 of them now , please do tell me if not , and you can cook it in the next rom , that would be so generous from you ;) take care ! that forum was going to sleep , and you brought it back to life good work !
  2. then just hard rest , and use my mobiler
  3. hey OCK ! noob question , my friend just bought a used omnia with a PDA: i900jpid1/jpid1 Phone: i900jvic3 and i think is it too old to flash your roms on it at once ? or should i flash an hh3 ? first or something ? and if there are any other steps , please tell me waiting for your reply :huh: thanks in advance
  4. forgot to add , the device is working always .. it doest get "turn off after 1-2-3 mins" thing .. just on working all the way and 80% at least that's what's written !! even if 60 ! it would be great
  5. seriously this is the best thing that ever happened after windows 6.5 !!! i had wifi on all day yesterday and it was nearly 40% at 7pm .. today now at 7pm with wifi all day long it's 80% -also i did some light calls, and it's on for constant email checking- i dun really know how this thing works but it does ! i will keep on testing and so and tell if i saw more differences for now !! GO FOR IT ! 10/10
  6. yes, just click the cab and it will install itself in the windows folder
  7. Hey guys , why not to make a super light rom, and just add a zip file with all the the essential cabs and so on in a single file .. so that we dun go around wandering about them .. also that we can just copy and paste them into the xda folder for installing while rebooting , this way each choose his own needs .. that would be a good idea , if anyone is interested , let's make a one i know each of us got a folder full of cabs already , just each should upload what he think is good , and we delete any repeats .. what you think ?
  8. if i am not wrong , this fix the multiple restarts for m2d , well that would be great for m2s users -which i am one of- , the "rs" "zs" is the website it's uploaded to, it's the same file .. and is it compatible with all roms ? :) anyway will try and tell you .. cause i've been suffering from this thanks in advance
  9. is there an english version ? .. this looks amazing that neo titanum !! great work for a first rom !!! i will try it if it got english !!
  10. happy birthday superman !!!!!! :D sector .. wish u all the best .. as u make our life with omnia way easier .. dunno what we would do without u !!
  11. use spb backup .. it can restor all ur settings not just the titanum .. EVERYTHING .. makes life easier for daily flashing ! <_<
  12. i had your problem .. i solved it in a simple way .. just when flash .. and ur one the "tap on screen" screen .. open my computer ---> mobile device ----> "my windows based mobile device" and add a file called "welcome.not" .. u make it .. a 0byte file .. and it will pass the alignment screen .. and using the favhack u could simply put preset values us the favhack device test to check that ur screen is responsive in every point .. if some part responce like .. 1cm away or something .. sadly u will need a new digitizer . u can find that on ebay
  13. god !! i flashed and slept .. woke up to find another rom .. !! <_< and i am just addicted to flashing the new ones .. i think i'll go with the 18mb t1 .. but anyone knows any program to backup everything .. like the settings and all .. cause ppm just take the contacts and msgs etc ... i want something to backup the settings .. takes alot of time to do it all over again sector .. ur superman !
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