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    Samsung Omnia WM 6.5 DXID1
  1. Hey Guys, I have this small part 1cm x 1cm on my phone that doesn't recognize touch anymore, I think I dropped the phone before it stopped recognizing touch. Do you think that if I change my touch screen it will work? thanks
  2. Just an idea here. Changing the pre configuration to Singapore will allow you to update to a DX rom. However, because now you're trying to update with a nordic rom, you should try maybe taking a swedish operator.
  3. NFL Cowboys For txlatino1983 and everyone else who wants it If you want me to do the UT longhorns as well, I need a background you would want to use. (dim: 240x348) Tried to resize the one in the theme you showed me, but it never looked good. grtz Cowboys.zip
  4. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity. You rock!!! ps feel like telling us how you made m2d themes?
  5. MrJoneswii

    Omni i910

    Yes, there are, many actually. You can find them in the i910 rom section here: http://www.modaco.com/category/405/i910-sp...rom-discussion/ For a guide on how to update your i910 rom go here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...m-verizon-i910/
  6. Isn't there a setting that removes the clock from the taskbar? My omnia is too far from me right now to reach it and I'm lazy ;) I'm sure that there's a setting where you can choose to not have the clock in the taskbar (I don't have a clock in my taskbar) Not sure about battery
  7. MrJoneswii

    My Storage Folder EMPTY

    Keep in mind that when you're connected to a PC with USB storage mode and set My storage as the USB transfer location, you won't be able to see My storage on your device, when you're connected to a PC. Could that be it?
  8. I have no lock issues with Igo8 and WM6.5 I would say, change the Power options under settings=>system=>Power
  9. MrJoneswii

    Loading M2D themes on omnia

    that's weird, usually it takes a few seconds. Well, since you can load the theme correctly with M2DC, I guess there's something wrong when M2DC tries to apply them. I would say remove M2DC and reinstall it. Try with the older version, maybe that'll help
  10. MrJoneswii

    Pictures taken with my Omnia

    In the mountains of Madrid London, Picadelly Circus by night
  11. MrJoneswii

    XKHG5 to custom rom.

    Send me a PM in dutch with what you exactly want to do and/or what's not completely clear and I'll try to help you in dutch. I'll reply to you when I get back from work tomorrow.
  12. MrJoneswii

    Flashing with Vista

    1 word: VMware
  13. MrJoneswii

    phone version?!?!

    Of course you can change the phone version Are you sure that the roms you flash include the phone part? If no, download one that includes the phone part or go to Khuanchai's rom topic and download the phone part only. If yes, then there's something wrong with your flashing process. Make sure you install the samsung modem driver. If you already did. Reinstall it. After you flash for the first time after installing the samsung modem driver, you'll receive an error during the flashing process. Just redo it and you'll see that it'll change. hope this made a bit of sense.
  14. MrJoneswii

    FTouchSL shutting my phone down PLEASE Help!

    Please make a post in our omnia section. Not a lot of people check in here and your question might be left unanswered. http://omnia.modaco.com As for your question, can't help you. Sorry
  15. MrJoneswii

    Samsung omnia i900

    You can find step by step instructions in this post: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/

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