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  1. I would say they're fixed.... You probably saw my thread where I noted the issue, I was missing notifications that I know other phones were getting. The most annoying was Google Opinion Rewards as missing the notification of a survey costs me money. I now get the expected number of notifications from all apps, since installing Paul's ROM I haven't had a single feeling of missing something.
  2. Hi Paul, I'm trying to download r7 but I'm getting an error of the CAPTCHA thing and it won't download Edit - did it off a computer instead of my phone and it works, downloading now.
  3. I've got a weird issue on my H7, currently on MCR r4.1 My Accessibility settings keep resetting to "off" - this is the section where installed apps can access notifications and process them. I've got a Pebble, I also use Lastpass and Nova Launcher and they all (along with Talkback and Voice Access which I think are Google services) reset to Off. This, for example, means that Lastpass won't pop up and offer to fill in forms. I turn it on, and even before the next reboot it's turned off again. I've not managed to work out what the trigger is for this, but it happens without me rebooting.
  4. Can I dirty-flash r6 over r4.1 or should I full wipe?
  5. r4.1 seems to be instantly better at notifications than stock B330. Flashed it with wipe, not changed anything with regard to protected apps or notification access, literally just installed my apps. Straight away I'm getting notifications as expected. Looking good!
  6. I found that my issues with some apps were fixed by going to the recent apps screen and then dragging the app in question down to lock it (padlock appears) Once I did that, my apps started sending notifications - but obviously that then leaves apps locked in memory which I'm sure would hurt battery.
  7. B320, although I'm going to wipe and flash MCR r3 tomorrow, just been too busy to do it. It's been like that since I got the phone on one of the Lollipop builds though.
  8. 'Lo Getting on really well with my Honor 7, however there's a problem I can't get my head around. A few apps don't seem to pop notifications up any more. The two that are noticeable are Google Opinion Rewards and Munzstat (which is a viewer for a treasure hunt/geocaching thing I do). Google Opinion Rewards is just a case of since the day I got my phone, I've not had a single survey. I used to get 6-8 a week, almost always two on a weekend morning, but not had any for over a month which coincides with having the H7 for 4 weeks. My work phone, with a different Google account, is still getting them fine. I thought no more of it, but then Munzstat has a setting where it will show me when new items appear close by to me. Both myself and my wife use it, she has a Xperia Z5 so fairly close to stock Android - set the apps up the same way, hers pops up notifications and mine doesn't. I know there's "protected" apps, and a lot more granularity in what notifications you see, but I can't see these are disabled in any way. Facebook, G+, Google Photos etc all work fine. Now I think about it though, Twitter never pops up - yet sometimes I have a notification when I go into the app. Can anyone shed light onto EMUI notifications for me? Cheers
  9. Is the kitchen now creating B330 builds or should I use the standard r3?
  10. Honor 7 Kitchen? *drool* This is what I've been waiting for!
  11. I've just bought a H7 from Cex in the UK, and am very happy with it. When I got it, it was on B110 firmware. I tried to go straight to B320 Marshmallow but it failed at 2% and rebooted, so I actually bothered to read instructions (for once) and realised I needed to go to B121 first. So installed the full B121 (rather than anything incremental, but it didn't wipe anything), which then let me start to install the B320 UPDATE.APP by unpacking the firmware, putting the APP file in /dload and using the updater app. However, once it rebooted it got to 60-odd percent (I wasn't watching it, but I remember seeing it at 56% and installing fine) and gave an error, with just the option of rebooting. I chose this option, in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Ah well, I can take it back to Cex and spin some story about how it never worked properly" and it came up with "Optimising" on the EMIUI screen, just like the update. That went to 43% and hung for ages, and then it just popped up to the home screen and I'm on Android 6.0, B320 firmware - eh? Nothing has been wiped, it still has my apps and data. Is there any way of telling whether I need to do this update again? On one hand, I'm concerned that it failed - on the other, it appears to be working absolutely fine. No errors, no FCs, no crashing.
  12. The external sd card is in /mnt/extsdcard I use ESFileExplorer, it's always in my recents so never really have to think about browsing to it.
  13. ...OP was asking for an Android solution :angry:
  14. BT doesn't work for phonecall audio (HSF profile?) but does work for streaming audio (AVRCP profile) - I can stream music from Spotify to my car headunit over bluetooth, and skip tracks with the controls on the headunit. I believe this is common to all Eclair builds, nobody has got it working yet. But I tend to pair up my work phone for voice calls, and my Hero for media, so for my setup it's not a problem.
  15. The Spotify app is free, it's the service that needs payment.... surely if you pay for the service through 3Planet or whatever it is (sorry, on T-Mo so no idea what it is or how it works) then the app can be downloaded from the market and will work the same, you put your username and password in and it verifies you have a premium account.
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