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  1. Thx Sector!! i used all of ur omnia roms!!! we`ll miss u! but, wich one should we use now?
  2. nice rom, like always, got problems with the msn messenger... the close button dosnt seem to work..... got to close it with the task manager.......
  3. yeaahh dudes, i use 6.5 rom's since months, thx to u dudes!!! thx!!
  4. i am very happy with my omnia, got winmo 6.5. it looks good, have many apps/ hacks, fast, only battery is a problem to me, but i havent try to do something about it.......
  5. one friend of mine did increse his GPS (i think he say gps) with addind alu-foil at the antenna...... betwenn the baterrie and the phone..... but i don know..... and he did have a htc ....
  6. lol i knew it was something easy like that, lol.... thx mate, very helpful!
  7. Hey QBus, thank (one more time) for ur Roms, they are the best i have tried!! But i got a problem, i wanted to change the m2d skins but i dont get it. i have tried to open one of the skins fron this tread Hottest fresh Manila2D Themes but in "thme settings appers nothing..... am i doing something wrong??
  8. Hey QBus! Thx for ur Rom, it works perfekt! i love it, keep the goos work mate! scheers
  9. it should be so, but i think throu the process of installing the screen and the other components, the default values dont work anymore....
  10. click!! hmm, i m a noob, how do u know if it fits the omnia screen?
  11. it would be great if u ppl post the skins/rom/ or prog that u use the make ur omnia look like that......
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