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  1. Thx Sector!! i used all of ur omnia roms!!! we`ll miss u! but, wich one should we use now?
  2. try G-Watch from http://www.ageye.de , its very nice :)
  3. nice rom, like always, got problems with the msn messenger... the close button dosnt seem to work..... got to close it with the task manager.......
  4. yeaahh dudes, i use 6.5 rom's since months, thx to u dudes!!! thx!!
  5. i am very happy with my omnia, got winmo 6.5. it looks good, have many apps/ hacks, fast, only battery is a problem to me, but i havent try to do something about it.......
  6. one friend of mine did increse his GPS (i think he say gps) with addind alu-foil at the antenna...... betwenn the baterrie and the phone..... but i don know..... and he did have a htc ....
  7. lol i knew it was something easy like that, lol.... thx mate, very helpful!
  8. Hey QBus, thank (one more time) for ur Roms, they are the best i have tried!! But i got a problem, i wanted to change the m2d skins but i dont get it. i have tried to open one of the skins fron this tread Hottest fresh Manila2D Themes but in "thme settings appers nothing..... am i doing something wrong??
  9. Hey QBus! Thx for ur Rom, it works perfekt! i love it, keep the goos work mate! scheers
  10. Mistergino


    thx mate! im gonna try a few ones!!!
  11. it should be so, but i think throu the process of installing the screen and the other components, the default values dont work anymore....
  12. Mistergino


    click!! hmm, i m a noob, how do u know if it fits the omnia screen?
  13. Mistergino


    it would be great if u ppl post the skins/rom/ or prog that u use the make ur omnia look like that......
  14. thx ppls, it helped really!

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