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  1. You most certainly can and it works great. The eee has 3 x USB, VGA output, 30 second boot, can take 2 gig of ram, has both wired/wireless ethernet built-in and can run XP easily. For a portable device I'm not sure what more you need. :D
  2. I may be missing something, but what is this supposed to do that I can't do already with my Asus Eee and Vario II? Just because a company CAN make something doesn't nec. mean that they SHOULD. :D
  3. I was in the same boat with T-Mob, except I didn't get much of a signal at a location I spend much of the summer. I ended up going with the O2 simplicity 30 day rolling contract with the web bolt-on. I've now got better coverage with a data conection that doesn't keep dropping. If a great phone comes along I may go into another 18 month contract, but for now I'm happy spending less and getting slightly more.
  4. Shame it looks like the Uk version doesn't get the movies and traffic feature yet...... but it's still an amazing application. Probably the best thing on my Hermes.
  5. If T-Mob aren't doing an update I'd say there's absolutely zero chance of Orange doing one :)
  6. Yes, I agree. I'm already running WM6 and I very very much doubt I'd load a [probably] bloated T-Mob rom even if they did produce one. :)
  7. Yep I got this too..... the email I had from them stated that they knew nothing about this issue. Seems like I may have actually helped out with something - must tell the wife! :rolleyes:
  8. Most odd........well new ROM installed so we'll see what happens this time.
  9. Hi Paul, I've sent them a support question and will see what they come back with. It does seem odd, but the phone has never done this before although it has become unresponsive when plugged into the charger recently. This happened while it was in my jacket pocket pretty much 7 days to the hour after I installed Mobile Swipe. Activesync would not connect to the phone so I've had to hard reset and am going to flash with a new ROM while I'm at it. Maybe Mobile Swipe has a problem with WM6? I was surprised that it was not possible to enter the activation code during the evaluation period. :rolleyes:
  10. You may be interested in my experience yesterday: I bought Sprite mobile Swipe last week for my HTC Hermes (running WM6) as it seems like a great product. I installed it but did not add the activation code as I had not recieved it at that point. I could not see anywhere to add the code after installation so I decided to let it run in evaluation mode for the 7 day trial presuming it would then prompt me for the activation code. My problem is that yesterday exactly 7 days after installation my phone reset on its own and now does not boot, getting stuck on the WM6 boot screen. I looks as though I'm going to have to hard reset my phone to get it to work again. :rolleyes:
  11. Don't forget there's a difference between 'warranty' and 'insurance'. Having a T-Mob ROM on your phone would not have kept it out of the loo! :rolleyes:
  12. Yep, that chould do it. I'm sure the Orange web site also has the required settings should you miss something.
  13. Great idea........... I need to look into how to do that, but it may be a bit beyond me :rolleyes: Bought a copy anyway as it seems like a great app at an equally great price.
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