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  1. Hi all, Anyone downloaded Tomb Raider legend onto their HTC yet? If so, any good? Also, I'm after the good old game from the 70's...Space Invaders! Anyone know where i can download this? free if possible. Cheers Glan
  2. Andrew - you're a star! Cheers Glen
  3. Hi All, How on earth do I change the message (SMS) tone alert? Presuming there is a choice to do so - looked everywhere but can't find it....a good time to change my glasses perhaps? Cheers Glen
  4. Thanks both, you learn something every day. Cheers Glen
  5. Hi All, Can anyone help me out with this one?? I've just updated Coventry's 5 day weather forecast on my HTC HD - and I've never seen Friday's symbol before?? It looks very much like orange and red floating symbols which I think doesn't represent anything. Could it be that the data hasn't loaded correctly for Friday, or are we in for a meteor shower??! This one has baffled me.... hope you can view the attachment. Thanks Glen
  6. JJ, Thanks again for your very informative tips, I have tried to download to my (eek??) Mac and this is the message that greets me....The resource cannot be found. Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly. Requested URL: /cp/SupportDownload.aspx Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.1433; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.1433 Shall I give up now? I'm in total despair and think that the screen freeze is not too bad after all! Other than that....I'll become a PC and not a Mac!. Am I right to assume that Zummerzet is Somerset? Next time I visit my brother in law look out for a man waving a Mac! and that's an Apple Mac, not a flasher mac! Cheers Glen
  7. JonaJuna - I appear to only have the screen freeze problem, so will try to get that resolved. Thanks for the other info, always useful to know. Mike - I wasn't aware that you could download the fix direct to your phone? That sounds like one to try? I'll take another look at the website, but I think I read somewhere that you have to take to fix to a PC then to the phone - I'll let you know if I'm successful! I'm sure there must be a manual "HTC for Dummies :rolleyes: I've also already looked at segregating some of my Mac hardrive for Windows - but still looking into this, again, I'll let you know how I get on. I'm better shown his sort of thing rather than reading instructions - I'm just grateful for any help received. Thanks again Glen
  8. Hi Both, Thanks for the replies and the words of wisdom! Alkali - I will email you in a day or two. Thanks. Jonajuna - I have been sorely tempted to get a PC, but alas will stick to my Mac - no offence taken! At least I know that I'm not missing much from the CD, I thought perhaps there might have been extra's on there, perhaps that's what the trials are. I'll check the link out and see what I can learn and with regards to the hot fixes, there is 1 I believe which is the operating system (1.14?) and the hot fix is from under 1.19? Is that the one you refer in the 2nd link. Thanks again for your help and replying. Cheers Glen
  9. Hi All, This is going to sound really cheeky, but I'm still having problems updating my phone with the CD that came with my HTC HD. I'm an Apple user and wondered if anyone out there who lived in the Solihull/Coventry area with a Windows PC would be willing to help me set up my phone and get the hot fix. This is my first smart phone and I would really like to use it to the best of its ability. I would be extremely grateful. Please private me if you would be willing to help - I will travel, unless you prefer to come to me. Cheers Glen
  10. Thanks m8 thats a big help. :rolleyes:
  11. Hi again, Another question. When using satnav (tomtom or another) on my new htc hd. This is my first smart phone so forgive me for the basic questions that you all know apart from me! So here goes; which software should i buy? does it come on cd to u load to a computer, then upload to a SD memory card on phone? Which is the best for compatibility and ease of use? How to use from there? When using it in the car as satnav does it run with GPRS/GPS from the phone? if so do u get charged for the use of GPS/GPRS from your provider? Cheers Glen
  12. Guess who? Whilst on a call earlier today I noticed that while the phone was to my ear, it was clicking away...I then noticed that I had opened up a programme that i had not opened - but my ear had??! I have tried to replicate this - but it never worked. Is this just a one off do you think? Or should I be disabling something? Thanks again, Glen - no doubt will post again soon....
  13. Hi all- me again! Any ideas how I can choose to save my received bluetooth data to the file I want to save too? All I get is 'data receiving, yes or no' then the data stores it where it thinks it should go - but not where I want it to go, I then have to hunt where it's gone to. Thanks again, Glen
  14. Cheers folks - I now have shade of green....apologies in advance for more questions that are bound to follow. Cheers Glen
  15. Hi, No, not teaching me to suck eggs at all! It's been a few years since I used Windows as I've been a Mac user for some time, just need to re-acquaint myself with Windows systems. I've tried your suggestions and that have been useful - thank you. I'l just have take my time and find my way around the phone. I dare say I'l be posting more questions!.... Thanks again Glen PS - any idea how I can change the background colour from black? I know how to change the wallpaper, but not the background. Also, any recommendations on what satnav software to use. Thanks again! Glen
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