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  1. Sad... My 3G Galaxy Tabs 8.9 & 10.1 now have phone capability (Framework mod + phone & message.apk), i stay hopeful !
  2. Rico_89 : I confirm, just a simple operation for me to downgrade : When running b934 : I created a dload folder on SDCard I put big update.app inside Shut off Shut on with vol+ vol- power at the same time 2 minutes for Coffee time, that's all, back to b888 But my phone came out of the shop with b893, and i can't find this update anywhere...
  3. Idle is losing 1% per hour, with 2 GMail accounts, weather widget, and a twitter widget also... Not so bad ?
  4. Take a look at the lasts posts here : Just put the right rom to SDCard in the right folder, shut off your G300, and power it on with (vol+ vol- power) combo I've downgraded from b934 to b888 without problem. No IMEI lost during downgrade
  5. Thanks a lot ! Everything worked fine, without 6th step ! Just placed b888 (euro unbranded) on SDCard, maxi combo (vol+ vol- power), then pink progress bar. No problem, after few reboots, G300 came back to life ! No IMEI lost Then superrecovery, cwm and everything's ok now ! Device is more responsive on b888 Infusion ICS gave me less than 100mb ram available, b888 is still near 200mb ! (Only few apps installed !) TCPAULH, THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR YOUR MINI TUTORIAL, BUT REALLY ACCURATE & EFFICIENT !
  6. Running B934 Infusion rom at the moment... It is possible to downgrade to GingerBread ?
  7. Shut up moron : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1704303 Next time, you'll have to reflect b4 posting...
  8. Toc toc... Is there anybody out there ? Thread is dead here ? Everybody moved to XDA ?
  9. Mine's can't shut off too... And i'm using provided 013 kernel...
  10. Is it a bug ? Just flashed 013 with associated boot.img... And now, i CAN'T shutdown my phone... When i press power button, i select top choice (Shutdown or Power OFF, or Eteindre in French), then phone shuts down, and reboot few seconds after ! So, phone can't never be off... LoL, annoying...
  11. 008 version was fine for me with low speeds (all speed enabled)
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