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  1. Hi guys, I have the HD2 and I set it with 2 differents email accounts settings. 1st Account : my company settings in POP 2nd Account : my company settings in IMAP From my computer, I send email to these accounts with attached a pdf file and on the email body, 3 inserted pictures (2photos and 1 pic into the signature) In the POP account, I could access to the attached PDF file but I could not see the inserted pics. In the IMAP account, I could see the inserted pics but not the attached pdf file. This is very annoying as I will use the HD2 for business purpose, I have very often emails with photos inserted + word or pdf files attached... I sent the same email to IPHONE and I could get the email with all attached files and inserted pics perfectly On the IMAP settings, I have set download full mail and all attachments. On the POP, download the full email. I realized as well that if I remove the inserted pics, I can see the attached pdf file on the IMAP account.
  2. Hi Qbus, I upgraded my phone with you clean rom and now, the GPS does not work. I am using GPS gate and it says that "data not received"... I tried different COM but same problem. Any suggestion ? many thanks in advance...
  3. Hi PeterK, Thanks for these info, as I already went to unlock it for free, I cannot do it again, maybe later if I upgrade again the ROM... Anyway, thanks again and happy new year !!!! Hi Paperoga, Did you tried it ????
  4. Hi DD2005, may we have your firmware version ???
  5. It is really strange that this procedure works for some phones and not at all for the others... I just went to unlock it to one close Phone house, I asked them if they use special code, they told me no... is there any other way to unlock it ?? Hi enede, any possibility to give the registry information as requested ?? thanks a lot
  6. Hi bony25, thanks a lot for the remark but in my case when I enter the NCK 12345678, I have "Fail to set locking status"... ans I am not the only one... :rolleyes: I just tried with version i900DXHJI/DXHJ1 - Phone i900DXHK1, no success... same message...
  7. Hi jenryhl, I am not sure that if you downgrade the rom to unlock and upgrade after you will have still the phone unlocked... I upgraded 2 weeks ago then unlocked it, this morning I upgraded with the new rom available in this forum and now I have my phone with the network locked again and I am tried this procedure but I have "Fail to set locking status" also... :rolleyes: PDA: i900DXHL2/OMNIA Phone i900XDHL2 from the registry IMSI 208013302192003 IMSI_MMG 20801 missed call... 0 SIMLOCKSTA... 0
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