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    I have made a post in this forum with the method I got from verizon support. For the long answer, look that message up, for the short answer, log into the money page on the vzw msn page first, and ignore the signin button on the hotmail page.
  2. You can get hotmail to work on the Samsung i600. The first thing you need to do is sign up at the vzw.msn.com site with your hotmail email address and your phone number. The site will send a text message to your phone that you type in to finish signup. Now for the "clever" part. Go to the vzw.msn.com page, but instead of selecting the "MSN hotmai"l link, go to the "money" link instead. Use the "sign in" icon on the top right to sign in. I get this page to load up properly 1 out of 5 times; even if it gets an alert that the page did not load, as long login, password, and send button make it, you can login. So check automatic login to save time in the future. Once you are signed into the money page, go back to the "MSN hotmail" link [ignore the sign in icon], and you should be able to access your hotmail. You can get mapquest to work also, by using the link for http://wireless.mapquest.com/Palm/v3.0/index.html. Yep the palm page works; i never could get the other ones to work right. If this info is a duplicate, sorry. Just thought I'd jot it down here to maybe help people out! Supposedly Verizon will release the smartphone 2003 software on July 12. Maybe this will fix a lot of the bugs.
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