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  1. Ok, thanks for that, I will wait till a new firmware comes out then. It's not really a problem, just I chose the wrong csc at the time and ended up with Orange branding and network connections. I setup my connections manually and all working as I need it.
  2. I recently flashed my Omnia 2 with the JE5 Rom using Octans and I have my phone working with all my installed apps now. One thing I did was I chose the wrong CSC from the MultiCSC file. So my question is, is it possible to flash the CSC only without wiping all my data on the phone or would I need to backup all my data and start again installing all my apps on the phone? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I had a similar issue on another rom, the way I did it was to edit the registry to allow the standard settings panel, then the Input icon was missing so I found the registry setting to enable Input and then you can access the standard input settings. To enable standard settings goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Shell\StartInfo\ and change Value 'HideSettings' to '0' . The input setting is at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\Input , if you see hide or redirect in here delete the key and reboot the phone to see the Input panel
  4. I had this problem and found that it is fixed by installing SRS WOW. After it is installed the problem doesnt occur again.
  5. I have tried the solutions and found the only one that worked was the version of Jbed that is included with opera mini from the link provided. I have now come across a different problem when I tried to use my phone with a sony stereo bluetooth adaptor. The bluetooth is recognised and added as a stereo headset but it does not play back any music through the headset. Is bluetooth stereo headset profile included in this rom?
  6. Hi, I have just switched to your rom after deciding to try an upgrade from kuanchi's 6.5 Rom which has been working very well for a while. I used Kuanchi's rom for the BTAR patch as I use a bluetooth headset whilst driving for voice dialling. I decided to give the Premium version of your rom a try to see what 6.5.3 was like. I have one problem which I have been so far unable to solve. I use the Blizzard Battle.Net Mobile Authenticator which is a small Java program. The program will not install on the provided JBlend program giving an out of memory error. I have found and downloaded various different Java platforms after searching the internet. I found an older version of JBlend that allows the program to install and run but when I need to access the keyboard input the keyboard appears and then drops behind the java program again making it impossible to make any input. I tried JBed which will not run the authenticator and I have searched and found a copy of original java.cab from samsungs rom but this will not install due to permission errors. Is there a copy of original java.cab that will install on this rom as I need this program working and didn't want to have to go back to an older version of windows mobile if possible. Thank you in advance.
  7. Video calling is available on most 6.5 roms by just enabling the samsung dialler skin either directly in the registry or using fav hacks.
  8. For anyone wanting different colours for from and to messages, try Flexmail 4 from Web I.S. www.webis.net. It isnt a free program but I have found it more useful as you have access to the folder layout and can use it for all messaging and email accounts on your device.
  9. I have that case that I bought from Blueunplugged. Heres the link to it: http://www.blueunplugged.com/p.aspx?p=136575 Regards Col
  10. Oliver, as I posted above, I had to remove any voice tags I had created and then uninstall/reinstall MSVC followed by a soft reset to get MSVC to respond to the bluetooth headset button. Regards Col
  11. There was a cab file floating around one of the Rom pages, it did say to try at your own risk though. I can't remember which thread it was on though atm.
  12. Its OK, I worked it out. It was because I still had a voice tag set in Cyberon, even though the hardware button on the phone was working with MSVC the bluetooth headset was activating Cyberon. After I removed the voice tag and soft reset, the headset then activated MSVC instead.
  13. Hi Lancez, Thanks for that, I couldn't work out why Cyberon was still taking over, I have now removed voice tags and got MSVC working as it should be. It's great to be able to voice dial from a bluetooth headset again as I was using a Nokia N95 8GB before I got my Omnia and I used Bluetooth Voice Dialling a lot while driving. Regards Col
  14. I have installed the 3-in-1 21210 rom on my omnia and I have most things working well. I've found the odd slowdown quitting out of messaging after sending an sms but that is only a slight annoyance. My only real issue at the moment is that I prefer to use Microsoft Voice Command for voice dialling because it automatically recognises all my contacts instead of having to create a voice tag for each one and it also lets you choose which number to ring for each contact where there are several numbers. Unfortunately with Voice Command installed when I press the button on my bluetooth headset it still opens Cyberon voice speed dialling instead of Voice Command. If I press the hardware phone button to open Voice Command it doesn't route to the bluetooth headset to accept the command. Is there a way to switch the bluetooth voice dialling to Microsoft Voice Command and therefore bypass Cyberon?
  15. If you are still getting the black omnia screen you can usually install the firmware from the first sticky on the roms page. It will load the older unbranded firmware without all the checks. http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-r...re-version-fix/ . From there you can get to your required firmware. I think the dxhj1 firmware is the one I used when my omnia got stuck between firmware versions. From there you can either go to dxia5 or you can edit the registry and go back to latest UK firmware mshj1.
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