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  1. Trip, No fix for framework yet? We all want keyboard lights on your rom. Its related to language u use. U can send sms flawlesly with english lang entabled. The workaround is to use another sms app, like go sms pro
  2. Hellboy, Im no lazy, i tried the fixes in the rom creators post. Sector post. There no one awnser. Im using now HADES v2 from SECTOR, all working fine, but sms and email wont. I look and searched there, no luck. The SMS fix thing dont fix my problem. Dont post things like "ihope yoy brick you phone", its a forun mate, i askibg for help cuz i cant find no satisfatory solution. Be more polite next time, best, Pedro IS there any program that can be a substitute for SMS usage?
  3. Ok, i will try it. I tryed titaniun roms but titaniun interface doesnt show up. titaniun did ot work here. anyone knows what to do? im desesparated!
  4. Yes indeed. dont work with any cooked 6.5 rom(i just tried the m2d 2.0 rons so far). i havent try 6.1 cooked yet. shoud i try tittaniun? any ideas why this is happening? my omnia is the i900L, same as regular omnias but without the 8/16gb internal.
  5. Bon Nuit, Im Pedro from Marroc and i have an trouble with my omnia. Since i upgrade(now im with hades rom from sector) my phone did nod enter anymore in mensage aplication. I already tried many solutions(like sms fix) but not work. when i presse the button to call the app, it stays thinking and looks lik it dont find the necessary executable files... I tried many roms from all of cookers, kuanchai, ryzylr, sector....all in vain, my sms cannot work anymore. So, thats what im asking, just some help. thanks in advance, pedro
  6. Hello, im with the sms problem. I instaled the m2d 2.0 versio and olth sms and email functions wont work. i instaled the sms fix and all othe fixes on thread and none work. any ideas? sector? any aid?
  7. Hey rizlr, I rom is lovely, but i have an major bug. My messages app(SMS) simply wont start, i cant see or send no messages from your rom! I tryed from manilla message tab, ou from startup tab...none of them work and menssages are still dead some fix for it?
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