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  1. I got mine yesterday one of the first to get 1 through a vodafone high street. turns out a guy ordered 2 in and failed the credit check so the store kept 2 and i got 1 of them otherwise stores get them on the 26th or 28th july. unless you live in nottingham then go to the victoria centre. and there may be 1 left. :D
  2. Maybe it si not a completely correct match? i honestly dont know... this has been a problem from the start and i think it goes way into the phones coding.
  3. what it is, is the phone part of the ROM has to be an updated part of your phone part if you understand me so: phone part AA01 would need to be updated to phone part AA02. But i think on some phones it doesnt have to be the same but i think this is only on sim free phones NOT a vodfone omnia or a sprint omnia or a orange omnia.
  4. This is were problems start. But use i900 executor to split the rom. then input the part that says phone into grandprix in the phone box and then run granprix. BUT MAKE SURE: the phone part you are updating is the same as the one you had before but just an updated version. for example AAA01 to the phone part AAA02 so if its a english orange phone part originally it has to be an english orange phone part you are putting back but just an updated version. hope this help.
  5. it is simple just install the driver split the rom then update. Just it has to be so detailed in the instructions otherwise people would always be asking questions. want a simpler update use a official vista update.
  6. hi you must have done something wrong or there is a conflict in software or your ROMS because me and 100s of others have done this and got some good results, i have never faced any real problems so you may have to seek advice elsewhere. I am not sure what it is but something has gone wrong somewhere. im sorry i cant help :excl:
  7. Venerr problem is that my phone is not detectd neither by Active Sync nor by bootloader. I am really concern about this.
  8. Not that i know of, it might just be the rom you chose other DXIA5 Roms may have them. i think you can download custom widget bars.
  9. yeh the i780 has a few holes in. creating a new pdf would be great! :excl:
  10. sorry i did edit my post but it must of not edited properly so i will re write it. your phone is already in boot loader mode, no need to do anything its automatic just restart and do all the things it says and bootloader is automatic or there is no such thing
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