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  1. anything new about devs team ? i smell a new bootable version of froyo in the way :mellow:
  2. open wifi or data connection before play it will work .
  3. metamorph is not working , anybody found any solution to run it like before ??
  4. Your mount point in init.rc must be changed, try this: Open ubuntu in WMware Player plug phone (booted in WM) open terminal and type "sudo nautilus" you will get root privilegies, open disk (where android system is) and find init.rc open it "LIKE TEXT DOCUMENT" and search and edit this line:"mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /storage" and change that number 1 to 5 so it stay: "mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 /storage" choice SAVE in text editor and close all and unplug phone, run android and my storage will be sight by android.
  5. yes there is a problem with some files in the modelus folder there is two replicated files in the modelus folder (xt_TCPMSS.ko , xt_MARK.ko) on 7zip rename this files to anything. for example (xt_TCPMSS.k , xt_MARK.k) before my steps then do my steps and exchange or delete the files that i mentioned before then rename the two files in the modelus folder to it's original name again (xt_TCPMSS.ko , xt_MARK.ko) then save your work on 7zip. this is exactly what i did and i have a working android (it's the best till now :D )
  6. open kgp package with 7zip and open system/usr/keylayout/ and delete s3c-keypad.kl file also open system/usr/keychars and delete s3c-keypad-kcm.bin also replace the three file in keylayout folder (AVRCP.KL , QWERTY.KL , S3C-KEYPAD-REV0020.KL ) with the files in the last update (19-3) then save your work on 7zip and install android everything will work like before
  7. cube button is not working although i have installed the old keylayout files but nothing changed there is no menu button any idea another thing i can say that this is the best android package till now thanks kgp.
  8. my installations is 1-installed beta2 on my storage on ext2 partition and my method was this 2-intalled ur last package and it works well but my storag is an emty folder on android ! and on gparted my partition numbers was sdb5-->fat32 and sdb6-->ext2 AND I CAN'T CHANGE THE NUBMER OF sdbx through gparted although i have deleted the two partitions many time and created it again and it didn't change to sdb1-->fat32 and sdb2-->ext2 and the CMDLINE was Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p6 init=/init" WHAT THE PROBLEM WITH MY STORAGE ?
  9. After i deleted all partitions it still .. sdb5 -> disk0 (fat32) ; sdb6 -> disk (ext4) and i can't change it to sdb1 -> disk0 (fat32) ; sdb2 -> disk (ext4) any idea ?
  10. how can we change the new keymapping and has anyone made a list of the new codes for keys when i change codes in the new qwerty.kl file it didn't change anything but damage the key mapping not like the old qwerty.kl file when i change the keymapping to my custom keysetup and running as i need anyone know how can we change it ?
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