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  1. Hi! Shokka.Huge respect to you brother.Really love your last WM 6.1.I really love it.hehe. Good luck bro.
  2. Maybe I still have a lot of things to do. Thanks for your great rom anzo. :)
  3. Yes,I've install latest google maps.Anyway I got the home page weather working by installing cdma patch cab,but I have to soft reset to take affect. Note: when you want to update weather in the home page.you have to do a soft reset. Does anybody have other method to deal with the weather in the home pages? thanks... :)
  4. This method does not work in your latest Ultraclean+ new M2D. Do you miss something? :)
  5. Thanks Ryrzy for your great rom. I really love your rom. I hope you can fix radio recording problem soon. :)
  6. Hi Ryrzy! downloading your rom now. :) questions: Why don't you cook touch player in your rom? is touch player working or not?
  7. Hi!Ryrzy. when will you release your next rom build 23069 with M2D 2.0 and fix the camera that conflict with your nice keyboard. :)
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