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  1. Not that I know of. I don't think it will happen anytime soon either. The landscape function relies heavily on the sliding screen and keyboard right now. Also there is no virtual keyboard. Without a hardware keyboard the i900 would be very limited in what it could do. I know there was a version of Android running on the HTC TYTN II/AT&T Tilt, but it wasn't very good. Although I think the hardware was better suited then the i900 as well. All in all until the virtual keyboard is made or the i900 gets a hardware keyboard I don't think we'll see a fully functioning running version on the i900. Unless it has been done and I don't know about it. B)
  2. . . .I kind of expected a bare bones OS/Phone but I was expecting to be able to at least use Google Docs. . . B) cause now I have to lug my laptop around with me instead of my tiny phone. lol
  3. I think I heard somewhere that Samsung and LG were on board as well. There is also a Chinese company which I forget the name to that has plans for Android too.
  4. if you are still reading this thread, the marketplace just got a new app called 'fbook' it's basically the iphone app reworked to run on Android. if you'd rather though you can use the m.facebook.com url
  5. I feel you on the serious lack of attention paid to the actual software. Coming from the WM scene and then using something that I thought was going to be great really was disappointing to me as well. On the other hand we've been fortunate to be using the WM OS for years my first WM device was actually running CE and was a palmtop. I expected more from Google, but the phone is still in it's infancy. iPhone users that moved from WM to the iPhone had almost the same complaints that we did going from a WM to the Google phone. I for one have decided to tough it out. I pretty much had to change the way I do things mainly due to the application deficit. However seeing as how the hardware is better then my old TYTN II I'm much happier. Sony did the same thing with all three of the playstations, they overhyped them and I only saw 30% of what they said they could do. Not too many people complained, maybe I'm just pickier. I'm am sorry to hear that the Tmobile store is giving you the run around. I've had only good experiences with the company both retail and corporate. I'm sure that if you call the local corporate office they might be able to do something for you. The retail establishments rarely have the power to do anything nor do they always know what to do in your specific predicament. Good luck with you situation, I hope you can get it resolved.
  6. Don't worry too much. I got confused when I noticed the numbering is different for the UK users. After a little research the UK users started with TC5 while the US users started with TC4. No one really sems to know why, but I'm going to take a guess as to the fact that the UK doesn't really use the 1700mhz spectrum that the US uses. So maybe the software and or hardware would reflect this. Although I'm just making the assumption so don't quote me on that. B) The other thing that confuses me is that I wanted a White G1 I was told it would be months before they were released in the use because of a manufacturing/build quality issue. . . so why is it that the UK got the white one and we have yet to still see it in the US? B)
  7. Since I bought my Black G1 (color is important on this one) I have had an issue where if I pressed in the lower right corner of the screen the phone would make a creaking/squeaking noise. After a little research and putting on a full body shield made by Zagg, I believe the problem is fixed. Aparently this problem is isolated to the Black G1's. Most people believe it is the paint finish. People with the bronze finish do not have the same squeaky screen issue. The noise seems to be coming from the lower side that touches the upper side of the trackball button area. If you look where the spring mechanism is you'll see what I mean. I'm too lazy to post pics right now so when I get around to I will update this thread but for now just bare with the descriptions. :lol: Several possible fixes are: If you try any of these I am not responsible for anything that might happen. 1. Shaving off a little paint with an exacto knife. The specific area is on the screens lower bottom right corner next to the little cavity where the sliding spring mechanism is. You would only have to shave a little off on the outer most corner. Make sure it's on the side with the cavity. 2. Get a full body shield from Zagg.com. I put mine on last night because I'm not thrilled about taking an exacto knife to a brand new device. Anyway, the right side shield cutout actually covered the area you would shave off with an exacto. Thus no more squeaking noise. Plus the Zagg shield is very nice, well IMHO anyway. Maybe it's just me but my screen is a little more responsive with the Zagg shield then the ODM shield that came with the phone. 3. Get a Bronze G1. lol If you haven't gotten one yet go for this one. Eventually I expect to be picking up a white one when I can. . . maybe even just do a case swap later. :D 4. The last one is just leave it alone, I figure with more usage the piece itself will eventually wear thin anyway. So if this happens then the sqweak should naturally go away.
  8. Lol seems like you had the same experience I did but in another country. :lol: I felt the same way about the touch screen until I realized it's is nothing like any of my previous HTC phones. In fact it's more like my ipod touch screen where you're best off using your finger tip rather then the flat of the finger. I feel bad for all the ladies and guys who use their finger nails to tap out things on the screen. :o Once you get used to the fingertip method you'll see that it's a hundred times better then having to realign your screen and then get used to switching back and forth between a stylus and finger. After I got used to it I can move faster then I did with my old TYTN II. I agree with you on everything else. There is supposed to be an OTA update, which I have not received yet, that is supposes to address some of our issues. I'm sure that in the future there will be more. When I get asked about the Google OS by anyone I just say it's a decent phone but for everything else it's still lacking. Just needs more time. HTC GPS' have never been that great compared to everyone else's since they stopped using the SIRF Star III chips. For whatever reason, I think it was Qualacomms, GPS chips work and they are ok but they are craptacular compared to anything using the SIRF star's. That's my opinion at least. A few little updates from my end. I bought my phone in the Washington DC area. We weren't supposed to get 3G until sometime within the next few months. So I've been using EDGE which is fine with me until. . . dun dun da, this morning when I woke up to a nice little 3G icon next to my signal strength meter. :D I had been having issues all day yesterday with my phone. Phone calls to me going straight to voice mail, intermittent EDGE services, no dial tone. I thought it was something I did, then when I saw the 3G icon this morning I was very happy to see it. ;) I am about 15 minutes outside of Washington DC so I'm assuming Washington DC has had their 3G for a minute.
  9. Android is to get a software keyboard soon and a sim tool kit. Well according to this . . . http://source.android.com/roadmap
  10. Coming from years of WM phones both smart and professional, I am both delighted and disappointed. The functionality of File explorer and the like are missing. However I'm sure in the near future it will be implemented. Being that it's open source for developers it's only a matter of time until someone makes it. Right now it's fairly bare bones. It does the job with minor issues. Last night while talking to another WM prof. phone users we briefly went of the phones pros and cons. Without making a huge list, cause they are all over the internet, I'll point out a few things that might have slipped through my readings. 1. Google has everything sync'd. It's both a pro and a con. All my contacts are sync'd over the airwaves to my goole GMAIL account, which means calendar appointments, contacts, documents, ect. are all stored on the web. So Basically I'm not as mad anymore that my 8 month old 8GB memory card that died yesterday is busted. :lol: 2. The touch screen is very similar to the Diamond and it's variants. I had an issue with my TYTN II that made me hate the phone. I believe there was a memory leak on one of the apps causing the phone to be slower then all my buddies running the same roms and such. However the feel is somewhere inbetween the iphone and older touchscreen phones. It's not glass like the iphone so I believe it is less prone to breakage. :D b. I know people have complained about the orientation of the slide on HTC phone since they started putting them on. I really don't care which way the dpad/trackball is. My actuall qualm is how my right thumb is not able to hit certain button without causing pain in my wrist. I know it sounds funny but go check on out and you'll see what I mean. Typing long emails can be a pain just because of the design. 4. The trackball is nice, I like it better then my old TYTN II dpad which I loved. It takes a little getting used to but it's still very usable. I find myself using all the amenities provided by the buttons. 5. Usage is kind of like using a WM smartphone with a touchscreen. No I did not mean it's like WM prof. Seriously, It reminds me of messing around on my Mitac Mio 89** and Tmobile Dash but with the ability to touch the screen. Which is something I've wished someone had done a long time ago on a phone I'd actually buy. ;P 6. Market place is decent and the first few apps are nice. I'd still like to see more apps come out on a regular basis. 7. There is no SIM toolkit. for those of you like myself who have to back up contacts to the SIM all the time you're going to be stuck until someone makes an app for it. Luckily it's all backed up on the web on your GMAIL account. 8. Battery life is pretty bad. I can make the battery do a nose dive surfing the web for a straight hour or two. The TYTN II was a beast. I could do that and still have 3/4 of my battery left. I heard somewhere there is going to be a Firmware or software update to address some issues. As of now my Rom is still #RC19. If I get an OTA update I'll let everyone know. If I had more time I'd get more indepth but I"m pretty sure you'll get the gist. Going from a TYTN II to the G1 I'm failry happy with my decision. It's a little lack luster in the apps, but I"m pretty sure it'll get better. My friend who is now using my TYTN II thought the phone was pretty nice, he and I are pretty hardcore WM fans. Google needs a little more time but they definately have a user. My take is if you're still hesitant don't buy the phone just yet wait until the bugs are worked out first. If you are like me and you want the stuff before it comes out, I think you might be a little diappointed in some places and pleasantly suprised in others. ;)
  11. I drove an hour or so to pick mine up yesterday. Apparently in the US only the markets with active 3G got G1's. Luckily the store I went to yesterday was the only one to get any in my area. It was as easy as walking waiting three seconds and buying the phone outright. MY plan increased $10 with insurance and I've been messing with the phone for the last day or so. Initial impressions: UI is faster then most WM phones I've owned, but still not as responsive as the Iphone UI. Hoever I have not taken off the screen protector, I'm waiting for one from here -> https://www.zagg.com/ Hopefully the screen will become more responsive. there is a slight learning curve. If you're like me and adept at figuring things out without a manual it shouldn't take more then ten minutes to figure things out. You just need to mess with it. I still feel like it's not as "open" as the WM platform, mainly due to being such a new OS I don't have access to things like File explorer and the like. The build quality was better on my JAM and TYTN II. My screen creaks when I press in the bottom right hand corner and the screen is much like the Diamond but I'm still a fan of the Iphone screen. Otherwise this phone is much better then my TYTN II. :lol:
  12. Coming from a WM phone, I'd like to see. . . 1. A file explorer like program. I really liked the ability to delete and make files on my memory card. 2. A real task manager, so I can kill apps. I'm still not sure how the Anrdoid OS knows what to leave running and what to turn off. Not that I've had issues like I did on my TYTN II. :lol: 3. A different style of zooming in and out for both the web and picture viewing. Like multi touch or even like the HTC Album program. 4. A different picture program, it's pretty basic. HTC Album like program would be a step up. 5. A ringtone makers. Almost like what you could do with HTC Audio Manager. Hopefully we'll see more apps! I finally got pacman after waiting and trying for hours! lol
  13. There is the possibility the cord might be defective. I've got a few of those cords lying around and one or two of them won't let me sync. and some of them wont charge. As far as you syncing issues. On my PC using XP I have to go to: Start>Settings>connections>usbtoPC>and uncheck the box marked "enable enhanced network functions" before active sync will work on my computer. My thinking is your issue with the cable is the first hurdle and possible the second could be the settings. good luck hope this works for you.
  14. Nice find! I wonder how much they actually tested this ROM before the release. I've had to do more soft reset with 6.1 then with 6.0. The ROM itself overall is an improvement over the original however there are still little glitches here and there. Until WM7 comes out and it's completely rebuilt I don't think anyone is going to be really satisfied with WM. :D
  15. I assume you are in europe because the 3G network in the US is running in limited areas on the 1700mhz freq. lol Hmmm, that is still strange though. Maybe something didn't install right while the rom was being installed.
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