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  1. Will I get to post here again? Will my favorite community in the world support the iPhone now. (Fingers Crossed)
  2. I don't know about that. Microsoft is really touchy about messing with their security, and disabling the Update is basically disabling their security/anti-piracy. Anyone think well see WGA in our phones. I do
  3. This has been needed for a long time. One one hand I am happy, on the other I know they will eventually disable my ability to flash my ROM.
  4. Is this definatly 6 or the rumored 5.5. I've heard Crossbow is the code name for 5.5
  5. I don't know much about the email. I can tell you that Oxios To Do today screen plugin will be your best bet for your tasks at a glance. Facade is pretty good too.
  6. When you say smartphone, are you referring to specifically smartphone or PPC smartphone too?
  7. Hopefully this will help. After a hard reset it sometimes takes up to 5 min. for the phone to reboot. But that is only on the first go.
  8. Since we are use to Edge, calling HSDPA broadband would not be a strech. Edge is SLOW. Noe I haven't used HSDPA yet but I hear good things. Where do you live?
  9. :rolleyes: ;) Just trying to teach you Europeans proper english. :) :(
  10. It would defiantly be a plus. This is the kind of think the mobile community loves to do with their work.....err....free time. :rolleyes: And soapbox is perfect, they plan on making it available for WM devices.
  11. Is this what you are talking about?
  12. After hearing that Gmail is now supporting Java, i thought I would give it a try I directed my browser to www.gmail.com/app and this is what transposed. I think this is great for someone with a regular mobile phone, but just not the ticket for Windows Mobile users. There were alot of screens to muddle through before you even got the app started. I can't see that having the look and feel of gmail is a big enough benifit to actually use this. I'll be sticking to my WM Outlook.
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