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  1. Sweet, I'll be following your progress. I am looking forward to my first 6.5 flash with the new CF ROM!
  2. The executable file is 202 MB when unzipped! Will have to wait until I get home to play, I'm on Linux here at work. Bummer.
  3. It looks like both the vista and xp links are to the same file. (file name anyway)
  4. I agree that this thread should probably be deleted since there was no May 11th ROM release and no official release date announced. Also, to many kids that need to feel good about being pretentious! +1 for why so serious!
  5. Yeah, I guess it's getting a little out of control. But, you gotta admit, the fricken gold statue was genius!!!
  6. LOL, just teasin bro. I was right there with ya going awww man I hope its not just B.S. and it wasn't. So, it's all good and everything worked out great. Thanks again for all the hard work you guys put into everything Omnia! You ROCK!
  7. I'm not sure I see too many "rabid" responders over this. Sure there are some emotions being displayed. I don't really understand your post, if we have already used the leaked cc20 then we know this. ...and the people who are waiting for the "official" release probably aren't going to suddenly decide to try this "leaked" ROM. Also, I seem to remember someone "smelling a rat" back when the first leaked rom was posted. Now its all friendly? hmmm ...just sayin :D Anyway, I have everything working on a stable device so I'm not sure I would even use an "official" rom release unless it had some drastic improvements. But, I do want to say to you and wozzer and blazingwolf, and yes azintegra, thanks for everything and keep up the great work!
  8. Great work WoZZEeR. I am still using the default .img from azintegra due to the fact that my wife already complains that I love my phone more than her. :D But I am looking forward to trying one of your efforts soon. You know, I am always ready for a good ref beat down! ...and I saw a few "bad" calls against the wings during that game. But, like most sporting events there is always some shenanagins from the ref's. That said, I am a ducks fan (don't flame me I am after all a fellow Omnia fan) and look forward to an awesome rest of the series. See you at the game tonight ...well virtually. GO DUCKS!
  9. I think this is probable, as when I first tried to reset my Omnia this is the only method that would work for me. Good luck!
  10. LMAO you're killin me! I thought that exact same thing. I will check the earth/moon one out though.
  11. They'll have to laugh at me too! I feel exactly the same. Today 2 (... that's not boring, is it?)
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